Behavior Analysis Certificate

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    Prepare to Become a Behavior Analyst

    The Behavior Analysis Certificate can help you advance your career and is a strong first step for those who want to become a behavior analyst.

    This program prepares you for working in the mental health, education, or human services fields.

    You’ll take graduate-level classes from both the Department of Educational and School Psychology and the Department of Communication Disorders, Special Education, and Disability Services.

    Current IUP Graduate Students

    As a graduate student in one of these two departments, you can strengthen your resume and sharpen your skills in applied behavior analysis by adding this certificate. If you choose, you can then pursue credentialing as a behavior analyst working in the mental health, education, or social services fields.

    Those with a Bachelor’s Degree

    Our certificate is also a great fit for those with a bachelor’s degree who want to advance their education and job possibilities.

    This program is especially well suited to those who are working as mental health, education, and social services professionals.

    Behavior Analysis Certificate Requirements

    For more information, see the Graduate Catalog.

    Course Number
    Course Name
    EDSP 576 Foundations of Behavior Analysis 3cr
    EDSP 748 Fundamentals of Behavior Change 3cr
    EDSP 758 Advanced Behavioral Assessment and Intervention 3cr
    EDEX 750 Assessment for Instructional Planning for Students with Autism and Spectrum Disorders 3cr
    EDEX 753 Research Seminar in Special Education 3cr
    EDSP 911 Legal and Ethical Principles in School Psychology 3cr