Opportunities for Graduate Students in Employment and Labor Relations

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    What’s Happening for ELR Graduate Students

    Employment and Labor Relations students can engage in various activities outside of the classroom, including mentoring and internships, to further their experience.

    Society for Human Resource Management

    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) at IUP has received the highest recognition for its ongoing charitable work and community involvement. Guest speakers and other events make this an excellent addition to your campus experience.

    Annual Labor Management Conference

    The full-day annual Labor Management Conference has been a big success for decades, attracting professionals and students from the tri-state area.

    Dual Graduate Enrollment

    Students can earn two master’s degrees by completing 54 credits in two graduate programs such as Human Resources and Employment Relations and Health Services Administration. Other dual enrollment programs include Sports Management, MBA, Criminology, Public Affairs, Safety, Student Affairs in Higher Education, Sociology, Adult and Community Education, History, and Nursing Administration.