Full Title List

  • Ph.D. Literature and Criticism Students’ Dissertations, 1972–2007

    Abou-Youssef, Mayssa. 1997. Transformance: Dialogic Translation Theory and Cultural Performance. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Abuhilal, Fatin. 2002. The Construction of Women in the Colonial Text: Reorienting Colonial Discourse Analysis. Director: Dr. Susan Comfort.

    Al-Atawneh, Abel. 2002. The Search for Self Place and Identity in Adrienne Kennedy and Ghassan Kanafani. Director: D. Martha Bower.

    Alexander, Jonathan M. 2001. Composing the Self, Communing in Silence: Voice and Identity in Poetry of the Holocaust. Director: Maurice Kilwein-Guevara.

    Algretto-Dilulio, Pamela. 2006. Female Entrapment in the Major Novels of Naguib Mahfouz. Director: Dr. Ronald Shafer.

    Al Kadi, Thaer. 2000. Here is My Space: Shakespeare's Treatment of the Orient in Othelo, Antony and Cleopatra, and The Tempest. Director: Dr. Ronald Shafer.

    Al-Mandwee, Kahtan M. 1983. The Role of the Psychohistorical Heritage in the Life and Fate of the Individual in Faulkner’s Writings. Director: Dr. James L. Gray.

    Al-Shalabi, Nazmi. 1993. A Critical introduction to and a Translation into Arabic of Eudora Welty’s Delta Wedding. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick.

    Anis, Rida. 2006. Three Multiracial American Women Playwrights of Transcultural Consciousness: Adrienne Kennedy, Velina H. Houston, and Diane Glancy. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Anwar, Waseem. 2001. A Psychosemiotic Study of Silence in Selected Plays by African American Women Dramatisis. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Avila, Javier. 2003. Henry Chinaski's Futile Road From Self-Protection to Self-Destruction in the Works of Charles Bukowski. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Baek, Seung-Jin. 2000. Existential/Psychoanalytic Perspectives of Eugene O’Neill As a Social Critic in Selected Plays. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Bailie, Helen. 2005. The Nineteenth-Century Humorous Literary Sketch. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Baker, Charles R. 1997. William Faulkner’s Postcolonial South. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick.

    Balitas, Vincent. 1973. Sylvia Plath, Poet. Director: Dr. John McManmon.

    Balty, David. 2005. The Theological Bard: Shakespeare and the Evolving English Reformation. Director: Dr. Ronald Shafer.

    Barlow, Laurel L. 2000. Terry Tempest Williams: Ecofeminist, Storyteller Activist. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Bartone, Jeffery J. 2004. The Spectacle of Meaning in Anais Nin's Diary. Director: Dr. Malcolm Hayward.

    Basheer, Tahseen. 1995. The Feminine in H. D. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Bates, Geraline Washington. 1997. Womanist Aesthetic Theory: Building a Black Feminist Literary Critical Tradition: 1892-1994. Director: Dr. Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes.

    Bayne, B. S. 1983. The Role and Rhetoric of Female Characters in James Baldwin’s Fiction. Director: Dr. John McManmon.

    Bellas, Gale Joyce. 1999. Acknowledging Polyphony: A Dialogical Approach to Reading and Teaching Ethnic American Texts. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Benigni, Helen. 1989. Portraits from the Bluegrass: The Main Characters in the Short Fiction of Elizabeth Madox Roberts. Director: Dr. James L. Gray.

    Bonifer, Susan M. 1995. "Like a Motherless Child": The Female Orphan in Novels by American Women, 1850 - 1899. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Bonser, Dennis. 1987. Romance Genres and Realistic Techniques in the Major Fiction of John Fowles. Director: Dr. T. Kenneth Wilson.

    Bowden, Denny R. 2001. Sermons, Debates, and the Environmental Essay: Conflicting Discourses in Nineteenth-Century America and the Emergence of Print Culture in Ezra Ripley, Alexander Campbell, and Henry David Thoreau. Director: Michael W. Vella.

    Brayshaw, Gary S. 1984. Ahab’s Rebellion Against Orthodoxy. Director: Dr. James L. Gray.

    Broome, Paul A. 1997. Gendered Communities in Selected Novels of Anthony Trollope. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Bruster, Reginald V. 1999. Rooted in the Body: Architectonics in Black Women’s Literature. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Buchbinder, Anita. 1999. Three Generations Later: The Contemporary Mother-Daughter Dyad as Reflected in Jewish-American Women's Literature. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Bucho, Louella M. 1990. The Literary Criticism of Lionel Trilling: Trilling and the Novel. Director: Dr. Malcolm Hayward.

    Burda, Sister Helen Elizabeth. 1987. Redemption in the Novels of John Barth, John Hawkes, and Thomas Pynchon: "By Indirection Find Directions Out" (Hamlet II. i.66). Director: Dr. James L. Gray.

    Burkholder-Mosco, Nicole Paige. 2003. Hidden Monstrosities: The Transformation of Women and Child Victim(izer)s in Nineteenth-Century Gothic Fiction. Director: Dr. Wendy Carse.

    Cadwallader, Robin L. 2004. "For Love's Sake": Literature as an Appeal for Kindness or the Benevolent Work of Three Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Camp, Carolyn Turner. 1997. A Pattern of Female Literary Evolution: From Gothic to Realism, From Hope to Despair: A Study of Six Female Texts 1791-1899. Co-Directors: Dr. Karen Dandurand and Dr. Janet Goebel.

    Cannady, Laurie. 2006. Innocents Lost: An Examination of the presence of Child Sexual Abuse in Three African American Texts. Co-Directors: Dr. Ronald Emerick and Dr. Veronica Watson.

    Carr, Mary Ellen T. 2001. Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelly: A Study of Intertextual Voicing. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Caruso, Teresa C. 2001. Feminism and Flannery O’Connor: A Study of the Feminine Grotesque. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick.

    Caulfield, Thomas. 2006. A Cultural Analysis of Masculine Identities in Racial Situations and Conflict during the 1980s in New York City: The Bonfire of the Vanities, Do the right Thing, The cosby show, and Public Enemy. Director: Dr. David Downing.

    Cha, Heejung. 2006. The Transcultural Bildungsroman by Contemporary Woman Writers of Color. Director: Dr. Susan Comfort.

    Chang, Kyong-Soon. 2002. Dialogic Discourse in Terms of Nature, Race, and Gender in Fictions by William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, and Gloria Naylor. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Chantharothai, Sasitorn. 2003. Transforming Self, Family, and Community: Women in the Novels of Anne Tyler, Toni Morrison, and Amy Tan. Director: Dr. Thomas Slater.

    Che, Gumhee. 1998. The Cordelia Complex in Paranarrative: The Basic Instinct of Postmodern Textuality. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Cheng-Levine, Jia-Yi. 1997. Colonial Legacy, Ecological Devastation, and Ecofeminism in the Time of Neo-Colonialism. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Cherciu, Lucia. 2000. Ludicrous "Scribbling Women": The Politics of Laughter and Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Chi, Hsin Ying. 1994. Artist and Attic: A Study of Poetic Space in Nineteenth-Century Women’s Writing. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Chiou, Yuan-Guey. 1996. Ideology and Re(-)presentation in Paradise Lost. Director: Dr. Ronald Shafer.

    Choi, Dong Oh. 1998. Ecological Vision in Selected Poems of William Wordsworth, 1797-1800. Director: Dr. Patrick Murphy.

    Chose, Lauri. 2007. Uncharted Arctic Wilderness: Rediscovering the Literary Works of Lois Crisler, Margaret Murie, and Theodora Stanwell-Fletcher. Director: Dr. James M. Cahalan.

    Christian, Barbara. 2000. Folk Catholicism in the Works of Six U.S. Latina Writers. Director: Dr. Maurice Kilwein-Guevara.

    Chung-Wee, Christopher G. 2003. The Metanoia of Metacomedy in Contemporary Theater of the Absurd: The Film, Sitcom, Drama, and More. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Cleary-Langley, Suzanne. 1996. Mabel Dodge Luhan’s Intimate Memories: A Life Suffused with Language. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Connelly, Patrick. 2005. The Ecopoetics of Gary Snyder. Director: Dr. Michael W. Vella.

    Conoglio, Corine. 1999. Transforming Identity and Performing Ecofeminist Ethics in Novels by Marge Piercy, Joanna Russ, and Janet Kauffman. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Coombes, Ross. 1996. A Reception Study of A Doll's House by Henric Ilbsen from 1879 to 1994. Director: Dr. Janet Goebel.

    Coots, Philip Kevin. 1998. The Portrait of the Artist in the Late Plays of Tennessee Williams. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Corbett, Nancy. 1999. Subversive Idealism: Female Bidungsroman in the Antebellum United States. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Cox, Michael W. 2003. Subversive Discourses in Selected Writings of Nathanael West, Tennessee Williams, John Cheever, and Edward Albee. Dr. Susan I. Gatti.

    Crilly, Mark. 1995. The Writings of John Synge. Director: Dr. James M. Cahalan.

    Daniels, Patsy. 1998. Inventing Culture: The Voice of the Oppressed in the Language of the Oppressor. Director: Dr. James M. Cahalan.

    Davis, Julie A. 1981. The Word Nothing: Its Infinite Variety in Shakespeare’s Plays. Director: Dr. Raymond Thomas.

    Davy, T. Claudia. 1990. Benediction of Bone: The Poetry of Vassar Miller, A Psychological Study of the Evolution of Poetic Voice and Self. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    DeBacco, Ronald E. 1980. Dickens and the Mercantile Hero. Director: Dr. Bob Curey.

    Deena, Seodial. 1996. Canonization, Colonization, Decolonization: A Comparative Study of Political and Critical Works by Minority Writers. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Delos Santos, Teri. 1997. Nineteenth Century Women’s Writings in the Visual Arts: Letters, Fiction, and Autobiography. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Derrickson, Theresa. 2002. Representations of Global Connectivity in North American Novels of the 1990s. Director: Dr. David Downing.

    Dew, Jason. 2002. In Search of 'Higher Groun' Away from American Cold War Intra-Imperialism: Steinbeck's Self-authored Journey Toward Rose of Sharon's Breast. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Dillon, Dallas E. 1996. Reading Differently in Introduction to Literature Courses: A Study of Contemporary Critical Reading Strategies as They Apply to Classroom Practice. Director: Dr. James M. Cahalan.

    Dixon, Diane. 2000. Maternal Matrix: Ethical and Spiritual Dynamics of Mother's Subjectivity in Contemporary American Fiction. Director: Dr. Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes.

    Dohal, Gassim Hussein. 2004. An Introduction to and a Translation into English of Khalil I. Al-Fuzai's Thursday Fair. Director: Dr. Malcolm Hayward.

    Downing, Michael J. 1997. Restoring the Myths: Converting Stereotype to Archetype in Five Plays of August Wilson. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Dowdle, Stephanie. 1999. Tourists, Settlers, and Pioneers: Women and the Westward Movement. Director: Dr. James L. Gray.

    Dreese, Donelle. 1999. Mapping the Terrains: Mythic, Psychic, and Environmental Reterritorializations of Self and Place in Contemporary American Poetry and Prose. Director: Dr. Patrick Murphy.

    Duda, Heather. 2006. An Examination of the Contemporary Monster Hunter in Popular Culture: Murderers and Men of Good. Director: Dr. Thomas Slater.

    Dyer, James J. 1983. An Instructor’s Handbook to Six Major Plays of Arthur Miller. Director: Dr. Richard Ray.

    Dzregah, Augustina Edem. 2002. The Missing Factor: Explorations of Masculinities in the Works of Toni Morrison, Louise Erdrich, Maxine Hong Kingston and Joyce Carol Oates. Director: Dr. David Downing.

    Elbanna, Etaf Ali. 1989. The `Mean Streets’: A Study of Arthur Morrison’s Slum Fiction. Director: Dr. Malcolm Hayward.

    El-Nahal, Mohammed S. 2001. The Impact of Place on Women Characters in Edna O’Brien’s Fiction. Director: Dr. James M. Cahalan.

    El-Shazli, Salwa. 2005. Female Agency and the Breaking of Essentialist Paradigms in Selected Works by james Joyce, Brian Friel, Toni Cade Bambara, and Alice Walker. Director: Dr. Dr. Martha Bower.

    Essick, Kathy M. 1994. The Poetry of Maya Angelou: A Study of the Blues Matrix as Force and Code. Director: Dr. David B. Downing.

    Fakhoury, Arwa. 2000. Transgression in Samuel Johnson’s Rasselas. Director: Dr. Malcolm Hayward.

    Fakir, Abubakr. 1987. Upton Sinclair: Social Critic. Director: Dr. Harry Craig.

    Farooqui, Khalida S. 1982. Thomas Hardy: Dimensions of Joy and Optimism in the Works of Hardy. Director: Dr. James M. DeGeorge.

    Ferguson, Faith. 1988. A Review and Re-evaluation of the Themes of Deceit, Fate, and Isolation in Paradise Lost. Director: Dr. Raymond Thomas.

    Fiore, Jill M. 2003. "Growing Old Disgracefully": A Feminist Reading of the Crone in Contemporary Multicultural American Literature. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Fisher, Marilyn. 1986. "If He is Wicked and Cruel, As This Theology Makes Him, We Do Not Want His Heaven!": Women and Their Perception of Calvinism and Salvation in Selected Novels, 1850-1900. Director: Dr. James L. Gray.

    Flory, Joseph Weldon. 1972. The Rhetoric of the Heart: A Study of the Later Novels of William Faulkner. Director: Dr. David Young.

    Forster, Suzanne. 2002. Contemporary Alaskan Nature Poetry and "The Changed Pastoral." Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    French, Laura. 1994. Measuring Others by Themselves: Images of Native Americans in American Literature 1607-1887. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Friesen, Edward H. 1979. Tennyson’s Use of the Arthurian Myth: A Study of the Characters in Tennyson’s Idylls of the King. Director: Dr. Bob Curey.

    Fritz, David M. Representations of Women in Selected American Novels from 1789-1799. Director: Michael W. Vella.

    Fugman, Mildred M. 1986. Regional Authenticity in Stephen Vincent Benet’s John Brown’s Body. Director: Dr. William Betts.

    Gallagher, Sharon May. 2004. Three Nineteenth-Century Irish Novelists, Their Gothic Myth, and National Literature: Charles Robert Maturin, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, and Bram Stoker. Director: Dr. James M. Cahalan.

    Gamal, Mohamed M. 2003. Dynamics of Power in White and Black: Alice Childress as Feminist and Anti-Colonialist in Florence, Trouble in Mind, and Wine in the Wilderness. Director: Dr. Martha Bower. 

    Garrett, Peggy L. 1975. Flannery O’Connor’s Artistry: Techniques of Characterization. Director: Ford Swigart.

    Garrison, John J., Jr. 2003. Redemption Draweth Nigh: An Illumination of the Thoughts and Theories of Henry James, Sr. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Gehrman, Jennifer A. 1996. “Where Lies Her Margin, Where Her Text?”: Configurations of Womanhood in the Works of Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Giardetti, Melora. 2000. A Social-Political Study of Appearance Versus Reality in the Texts of Jane Austen. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Gohar, Saddeek Mohammad. 1991. The Complex Panorama of Spoon River Anthology: A Study of Edgar Lee Masters’ Achievement and Influence. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Gooch, Michael. 1997. Medieval Theory, Modernist Text: “Auctoritas” in Pound, Eliot, Yeats, and Joyce. Director: Dr. James M. Cahalan.

    Greene, Carol. 2001. Letters Home: Newspaper Travel Writing of Kate Field, Mary Elizabeth McGarth Blake, and Grace Greenwood. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Guarino, Marsula. 1999. The Archetype of the Great Goddess and Palimpsestic Protest in Selected Fiction and Poetry of Nineteenth-Century British and American Women Writers. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Guill, Stacey. 2006. Hemingway and The Spanish Earth: Art Politics and War. Director: Dr. James M. Cahalan.

    Habeeb, Akram Si. 2003. Writing as a Woman: Mythology, Time, the Weaving Metaphor and Symbolism of Eudora Welty's The Golden Apples, Delta Wedding, Losing Balles, and The Optimist's Daughter. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick.

    Habermehl, Rachel Season. 2003. Transcendental Legacies in American Modernism. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick.

    Hammad, Lamia. 2001. Contemporary U.S. Women of Color Theorize subversion Through Cross-Genre Writing. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Hammond, Kyla. 2006. Imprisonment or Empowerment? A Study of Contemporary Women's Films and Their Audiences. Director: Dr. Thomas Slater.

    Han, Jaehwan. 2004. The Postcolonial Imagination: Race, Identity and (Post) Coloniality in Selected African American Fiction. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Hanchin, John M. 1979. The Sermons of the British Museum Royal MS 18 B.xxiii and the Seven Deadly Sins in the Medieval Morality Plays The Castle of Perseverance, Digby Mary Magdalene and Henry Medwell’s Nature. Director: Dr. Frank Como.

    Hand, Jerome M. 1980. Fashioners of Reality: The Courtier in Sixteenth-Century English Literature. Director: Dr. Raymond Thomas.

    Hankinson, Stacie L. 1997. Politics, Pacifism, and Feminist Liberation in the Works of Katherine Anne Porter. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick.

    Hayden, Beverly. 2002. Criticism from a Border Crosser: A Thematic Approach to Latino Literature. Director: Dr. Michael W. Vella.

    Hayes, Raymond C. 1982. A Study of Hero-Building and Mythmaking in Three of Kermit Hunter’s Outdoor Historical Epic-Dramas. Director: Dr. James L. Gray.

    Heilman, Patricia. 1987. The Journalism-Fiction Connection in American Literature as Seen in Selected Works of Stephen Crane, Ernest Hemingway, and Tom Wolfe. Director: Dr. James L. Gray.

    Henry, Candace. 1995. The Process of Individuation in Gail Godwin's A Mother and Two Daughters, The Finishing School, A Southern Family, and Father Melancholy's Daughter. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick.

    Higgason, Richard. 2002. Hypertext Performances/ Hypertext Communities. Director: Dr. David Downing.

    Holliday, Shawn Patrick. 1999. “A Passionate and Obscure Hunger for Voyages”: Thomas Wolfe and the Milieu of American Travel Writing. Director: Dr. James M. Cahalan.

    Hosey, Heidi K. 1996. Differential Feminisms: A Synergic Introduction to Feminist Literary Theories. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Housenick, Stephen A. 2005. An Original Interpretation of the Shakespearean Tragic Crisis: From Sacrificial Crisis to Proleptic Vision. Director: Dr. Ronald Shafer.

    Houser, Preston. 2002. Finding Beauty: The Articulation of Revolt in the Plays of Christopher Marlowe. Director: Dr. Ronald Shafer.

    Hsu, Li-Ying. 1990. The School of Woman Ethic in Selected Novels by Henry James. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick.

    Ide, Raymond. 1998. Jeremiadic Voices in Herman Melville’s Typee, Omoo, Mardi, and Moby-Dick. Director: Dr. James L. Gray.

    Irizarry Rodriguez, Jose M. 1999. Schomburg, Vega, Colon and Labarthe: Puerto Ricans Writing in the U.S.: The Early Years: Director: Dr. Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes.

    Jeong, Youngsook. 2006. Daughtering Asian American Women's Literature and Maxine Hong Kingston, Nellie Wong, and Ronyoung Kim. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang.

    Johnson, Beverly Ann. 1997. Never in Vain: Family Stability and Sacrifice in the Fiction of Paule Marshall and Rosa Guy. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Johnson, Gloria D. 1989. Three Major Influences on John Stuart Mill’s Thought which Led to his Writing The Subjections of Women. Director: Dr. Bob Curey.

    Jones, Margaret Faye. 2003. Worker Angels: Ambivalence Toward Women's work in Elizabeth Gaskell, George Eliot, and Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Kaneko, Fumihiko. 2004. Conspiracy Paranoia in the Postmodern Age: The Study of Thomas Pynchon and Haruki Murakami. Director: Dr. Michael W. Vella.

    Kang, Hyeong-Min. 2004. The Politics of Violence in Colonization and Decolonization: A Fanonian Study of Selected Postcolonial Drama. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Kang, Yong-ki. 1996. Poststructuralist Environmentalism and Beyond: Ecoconsciousness in Snyder, Kingsolver, and Momaday. Director: Dr. Michael Vella.

    Kassebaum, L. Harvey. 1979. To Survive Our Century: the Narrative Voice of Loren Eisley. Director: Dr. William Betts

    Kay, John Richard. 2005. Urban Migration and the Theme of Defiance in the Works of Richard Wright and James Baldwin. Director: Dr. Michael W. Vella.

    Keating, William P. 1985. Fulfilled Visions: The Life and Work of Bess Streeter Aldrich. Director: Dr. John McManmon.

    Kennedy-O'Neill, Joy. 2006. The Sacred and the Sublime: Caves in American Literature. Director: Dr. James M. Cahalan.

    Kerr, Gloria. 1996. The Effects of Multicultural Literature Readings on PAHS Students' Cultural Awareness and Sensitization to Minority Voices. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Ki, Hyun-Joo. 2004. The Politics of Spatiality: Terrains of Postcolonial/Diasporic Asian America and Selected Asian American Plays. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Kilkenny, Anne. 2005. Negotiating Americanness: Social Commentary in Selected Early California Novels. Director: Dr. Michael Vella.

    Kim, Eunseong. 2002. The Politics of Nature in the Works of Robinson Jeffers and Gary Snyder. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Kim, Hwa Soon. 1992. Dance of Hope and Obsession with Death: A Study of Samuel Beckett’s Plays. Director: Dr. James M. Cahalan.

    Kim, Yeonman. 2002. Toward an Ecocritique of Baudrillardian Postmodernism and Posthumanism: Nature, Human Nature, and Silulacra in Thomas Pynchon, Jerzy Kosinski, and William Gibson. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Kina, Ikue. 2000. Genre and Native North American Women's Storytelling. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Klinbubpa, Tuangtim. 2006. An Analysis of Boxing Discourse in Twentieth Century American Literature. Director: Dr. Michael W. Vella.

    Ko, Wen-Po (Kevin). 2000. The Motif of Fortune Hunting in Three of Henry James' Major Novels: Washington Square, The Portrait of a Lady, and The Wings of the Dove. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick.

    Kobayashi, Masaomi. 2003. The Expanding Universe of Interdiscourse Between Literature and Economics. Director: Dr. Michael W. Vella.

    Kondoyanidi, Anita A. 2004. Successful Translation: Negotiating Migratory Experience in the Literary Works of Vladimir Nabokov, Salman Rushdie, and Milan Kundera. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard. 

    Konitsky, Erma Y. 1980. Work: Out of the Dark. Director: Dr. James DeGeorge.

    Kreidler, Jan Christine Enney. 2004. Julie Mood Peterkin: Expending Trickster Energy in Gullah Tales. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick.

    Krueger, Kurt John. 1996. The Search for Meaning: A Logotherapeutic Approach to Ernest Hemingway’s Life and Work. Director: Dr. James M. Cahalan.

    Kuo, Michael F. 2000. Crossing the Line: Political Poetry in 20th-Century America. Director: Malcolm Hayward.

    Lane, Janet E. 2004. The Silenced Cry from the Factory Floor: Gastonia's Female Strikers and Their Proletarian Authors. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Lang, Nancy H. 1991. Through Landscape Toward Story / Through Story Toward Landscape: A Study of Four Native American Women Poets. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Larik, Asadullah. 1980. Definition of the Comedy of Manners. Director: Dr. Malcolm Day.

    Larsen, Lyle. 1983. Dr. Johnson’s Household. Director: Dr. John McManmon.

    Leasure, Lavie G. 2005. Zora Neale Hurston and Alice Walker - Womanist and Feminist theories Meet in the Garden: The Perspective of Difference. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Lecouras, Peter Charles. 1996. The Romantic Image and the Ideology of the Self in Wordsworth, 1798-1804. Director: Dr. Malcolm Hayward.

    Lee, Han-Mook. 1988. The Interrelationship of Reality and Imagination in Wallace Stevens’s Search for a Supreme Fiction. Director: Mr. Richard Hazley.

    Lee, Noh-Shin. 2004. Dialogic Reading of Children in Nineteenth-Century British and American Novels. Co-Directors: Dr. Karen Dandurand and Dr. Malcolm Hayward.

    Levonian, Gregory. 2005. William Saroyan's California Consciousness. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick.

    Lewitt, Fil. 1985. Opening the Map: Essays in Modern Poetry. Director: Mr. Richard Hazley.

    Li, Guicang. 2002. The Literature of Chinese American Identity. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Linton, Patricia. 1996. The Relational Self in Contemporary American Fiction. Director: Dr. Patrick D. Murphy.

    Long, Thomas L. 1997. AIDS and American Apocalypticism: Discourse, Performance, and the Cultural Production of Meaning in New York City, 1981-1996.

    Love, Karen. 1999. Falstaff and the Role of the Transcendgenderist Mucosa in Western Canonical Narratives: “My Womb Undoes Me.” Director: Dr. Malcolm Hayward.

    Lucas, Bryce. 2006. Shades of "Schizophrenia" and the Rise of Radicalized Hyper-Materialization: A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Abnormal Minds and Translucent Bodies in the Works of Stephen King and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    MacLean, Kenneth D. 1984. Faces of the Alien: The Ideology of the Wild Man in Some English and American Writers. Director: Dr. John McManmon.

    Magome, Kiyoko. 2003. The Changing Musico-Literacy, Socio-Aesthetic Discourse in America Since 1890. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Mahdi, Maher A. 2001. The Rediscovery of Chicano Culture and Self in Selected Poetry of Alurista and Tino Villanueva. Director: Dr. Maurice Kilwein-Guevara.

    Majkut, Paul T. 1987. From Daydream to Nightmare: Utopian Fiction in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries. Director: Dr. James L. Gray.

    Maktabi, Anas. 2001. The Representations of Islam and Muslims in Eighteenth-Century British Fiction. Director: Dr. Malcolm Hayward.

    Malner, Alan. 2006. Voices of the Headland: Robinson Jeffers and the Bird of Prey. Director: Dr. Martha Bower.

    Manouka, Peggy A. 2004. Eros and Thanatos in Carlos Fuentes' Los Anos Con Laura Diaz. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang.

    Mariadass, Vasanthi. 2003. Narration Memory and Representations of the Other in Godard's King Lear. Director: Dr. Thomas Shafer.

    McElwain, Patric B. 1985. A Study of Appearance and Reality in Mark Twain’s Mysterious Stranger Manuscripts. Director: Dr. James L. Gray.

    McFadden, Denis. 1999. A House Divided: Strains in the Modern Irish Big House Novel. Director: James Cahalan.

    McGrath, Paul D. 2004. Beyond Asian American: Resisting Modernity in the Plays of David Henry Hwang. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang.

    McLaughlin, Patrick. 1994. Narrative Structure and Narrative Sense: Women’s Writing and Identity in the Works of Zora Neale Hurston, Margaret Drabble, and Isabel Allende. Director: Dr. David B. Downing.

    McMullen, Jennifer. 2002. Both Body and Temple: Sexuality and Spirituality in Selected Works of Flannery O'Connor, Alice Walker, and Gail Godwin. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Mechling, Kelly Anne. 1996. Creative Dimensions in Autobiographies of Selected Twentieth-Century American Women Writers. Director: Dr. Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes.

    Meyers, Michael R. 1998. Champions of Virtue: The English Gothic, Nationalism and Religious Colonialism. Director: Dr. Malcolm Hayward.

    Milowski, Carol Porterfield. 1996. Revising the American Frontier: Mary Hallock Foote, Mary Austin, Willa Cather, and the Western Narrative. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Mock, Michele L. 1996. “Led by a Woman’s Hand”: Rebecca Harding Davis’s Gendered Economies as a Countervoice to Philosophies of Culture and Art. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Mohr, Eric. 1993. Mystery and the Fate of Grace: Flannery O’Connor’s Ironic Use of the Naturalistic Tradition. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick.

    Mosher, Joyce. 2006. Sound Practices: Transforming College Literature and Composition Courses through Aurality and Orality. Director: Dr. James Cahalan.

    Muhammad, Suzana. 2001. Voices of Disobedience in the Fiction of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Kate Chopin, Edith Wharton, Nella Larsen, and Mary Austin. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand.

    Muzaffar, Hanan A. 2000. Feminist Postmodern Disruption of the Patriarchal System of Binary Oppositions: Praxis in Four Phases. Director: Dr. Patrick Murphy.

    Myslewski, David L. 1979. A Study of Washington Irving’s "Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon." Director: Dr. William Grayburn.

    Nakjavani, Erik. 1985. The Aesthetic of Meiosis: Hemingway’s "Theory of Omission." Director: Dr. James L. Gray.

    Narusewicz, Peter. 1999. Rooted in the Land: Environmental Literature and Panoptic Discipline. Director: Dr. Malcolm Hayward.

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