Measure the Event’s Success

  • Did your plan work? Did you sit down with your planning committee and discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly about your event? This should be done as soon as possible after the event has concluded. Make notes for future reference. Be prepared for constructive criticism, but remember there is always room for improvement. Listen, listen to those people involved.

    Event Itself

    • How many people attended? Did it attract the audience you targeted? 
    • Did people enjoy themselves?
    • Did it conflict with another event?
    • Did the date set give you adequate time to organize and promote the event?
    • Did you have a rain date and plan?
    • What could be changed to improve it?


    • Did you stay within your guidelines?
    • Was the amount you spent consistent with your organizations’ image and goals?
    • Did the amount you raised warrant such an event?
    • Did you have enough up-front money? 
    • Was there adequate cash flow?
    • Were there items missing from the budget?
    • Were there any financial surprises?
    • If you were to do this event again, how could you eliminate some expenses?