Questions to Ask Yourself

  • These are questions you should ask yourself in the beginning stages of planning an event. Remember the key to proper planning is detailed organization! Take some time in the beginning to plan and to create a vision toward which all efforts are directed.

    Goals and Priority

    • What is the reason behind having this event? 
    • What do you hope to get out of it?
    • Is it to increase visibility within the campus community? 
    • Is it to generate revenue? 
    • Is it to foster leadership development?
    • Does this event fall into the strategic goals of your division, college, or school?

    Define the Target Audience 

    • Whom are you trying to reach? 
    • How many people do you want to attend?
    • How many people are required to make the event a success?
    • Where will the audience come from?

    Risk Management

    Risk management is the process of anticipating, preventing, or minimizing potential costs, losses, or problems for the event, organization, and guests. Having a risk management plan will help to safeguard people, property, reputations, and assets.

    For more information, visit University Events Risk Management.

    Event Setup: Do I Have to Pay?

    To determine if your event will need to pay for extra services or overtime costs, visit the University Facility Use website for further information.