Apply For Admission: Undergraduate Credit Courses

  • Enrolled IUP Students

    Students already enrolled at IUP do not need to apply.


    Non-IUP Students

    Non-IUP students should fill out the online application for Extended Studies for admission as a nondegree student.

    • There is a $25 nonrefundable application fee.
    • The form requires you to list the course(s) you want. See Credit Courses for a  complete list. 

    When your application is received, we will make every effort to enroll you in the course(s) of your choice. You will then receive a registration confirmation and, shortly after, your bill for tuition and fees.


    Students at Other Pennsylvania State System Universities

    • Complete a Visiting Student Form so that both your grade and credit will transfer.
    • Submit it to the Office of Extended Studies at: R&P Building, 629 Fisher Ave., Indiana, PA 15705