Scholarships for Currently Enrolled Students in Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Mollie E. Bolling Memorial Scholarship

    Awarded to a student majoring in Sociology in the junior or senior year (at least 56 credits). The student must have an overall grade-point average of 2.0 and a major GPA of 2.5. Preference is given to African-American male students from single-parent households; secondary consideration is given to African-American females or other deserving students.

    George A. Chressanthis Department of Economics Scholarship 

    Established by a 1977 graduate of IUP, this scholarship is awarded to IUP students with declared majors in Economics, Economics/Pre-law, Mathematics/Economics, or Social Science Education with a concentration in Economics.

    Nancy, France, Scholarship Fund

    Awarded to students who want to study through the academic year, Spring semester, or summer study program in Nancy, France.

    Isolde A. Henninger Award

    Award given to foreign language majors studying French, German, or Spanish. The scholarship is given to students who show great improvement in major subjects from freshman year.

    Hunt-Pickering Study Abroad Scholarship

    This scholarship makes one award to a student attending the Spring semester program in Valladolid, Spain; one award to an IUP student completing the IUP-Mexico summer program in Mexico; and awards to students in the four-week program in Costa Rica each May. Academic achievement (GPA) will be the primary criterion. In the event of similar candidates, need will be a determining factor.

    Dr. Yu-Chen Liu Memorial Endowment

    Interest earned on the endowment will be used to sponsor scholarships for Chinese-American students and their travel expenses between IUP and the students’ point of origin. The Asian Studies Committee will make the selection of the scholarship recipient.

    Mexico Study Abroad Scholarship

    This scholarship is offered to a student participating in the Mexico Study Abroad summer program.

    Esko E. Newhill Award for Excellence

    Awarded to a junior Sociology major who shows evidence of interest in world affairs and the community and has demonstrated excellence in scholarship.

    David J. Rovnan Memorial Scholarship

    Awarded to a Journalism major who is an active member of The Penn. Candidates must submit a letter detailing the contributions they have made to the newspaper and complete an interview with the Department of Journalism Scholarship Award Committee.

    David A. Schwartz Memorial Journalism Scholarship

    This scholarship is established in memory of David Schwartz, a graduate of IUP, by his parents, The Indiana Gazette, and faculty and friends of IUP. The scholarship is available to outstanding students majoring in Journalism.

    Study Abroad—Foreign Language Scholarship

    To provide financial scholarship to students participating in a study-abroad experience in any of the foreign language programs offered by IUP.

    Valladolid Scholarship

    To provide some financial support for expenses such as travel, tuition, or housing for students who are participating in the Valladolid Program and who are attending the University of Valladolid in Mexico.

    Donald A. Walker Department of Economics Scholarship 

    This scholarship, created to honor the longtime chairman of the department upon his retirement, benefits IUP students majoring in Economics or related majors.