Student Employment and Federal Work Study

  • Student employment is the number one activity students have in common. No question, it’s a good way to earn extra money for your educational expenses! So, how do you find a job?

    The Student Employment Program

    You’ll find on-campus and off-campus job listings at the Student Employment Program. Generally, off-campus jobs are non-university employment.

      How It Works

      • Most campus jobs require students to have Federal Work Study (FWS) aid. Does your award letter include an FWS award? Check your financial record on MyIUP to find out.
      • If you want to apply for an FWS job and FWS is not included in your financial aid award letter, you’ll need to contact the Financial Aid Office.
      • Jobs that don’t require FWS aid are advertised as University Employment or State Work Study. You don’t have to demonstrate financial need for these jobs.
      • Hours: You can work up to 25 hours/week when classes are in session and 40 hours/week when they’re not.
      • If you’re an international student, you’re ineligible for FWS positions and not permitted to work more than 20 hours/week while attending classes.
      • Wages: Paid biweekly directly to students.
      • Once you’ve landed a job, you’ll need to complete some brief paperwork with the Student Employment Program and Payroll Office before you start. More information about securing an on-campus student employee position.

      Community Service Federal Work Study Program

      This program enables students to gain practical work experience related to their major course of study. For more information, please call the Student Employment Program at 724-357-2235 or stop by Pratt Hall, Suite 302.

      State Federal Work Study Program

      Here is more information on the State Federal Work Study program.