Pao Ying Hsiao, PhD, RD, LDN

  • Pao Ying Hsiao, PhD, MS, RDN, LDNAssociate Professor and Program Coordinator for the Master of Science in Food and Nutrition

    Office: Ackerman Hall, Room 103

    Office Phone: 735.357-7917

    Email Address:

    Pao Ying Hsiao Vitae

    Degrees/ Schools

    Bachelor of Science, Florida State University

    Master of Science in Food and Nutrition, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

    Doctor of Philosophy in Nutritional Sciences, Pennsylvania State University

    Dissertation Title: “Identification of Dietary Patterns and Relationship with Weight and Health Outcomes in Older Adults”

    Areas of Interest

    • Innovation in Dietetics Education (Interprofessional Simulation)
    • Nutritional Epidemiology 
    • Dietary Assessment

    Biography/ Professional Experience

    After completing my PhD, focused on nutritional epidemiology, I completed a post-doc also at Penn State, focused on weight loss interventions. I also have experience as a clinical inpatient dietitian, where I specialized in neonatal nutrition, and a research consultant, where I have worked with recipe development and nutrition education for a juice company. 

    Courses Taught

    • FDNT 143 Current Issues in Nutrition and Wellness
    • FDNT 212 Nutrition
    • FDNT 355 Medical Nutrition Therapy I
    • FDNT 410 Food, Nutrition, and Aging
    • FDNT 422/522 Public Health Nutrition and Epidemiology
    • FDNT 458 Advanced Human Nutrition
    • FDNT 484 Senior Seminar
    • FDNT 645 Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats
    • FDNT 647 Vitamins