Human Geography, Geography, BA

  • The town of Kamnik in the mountains of Slovenia

    Study How Humanity Organizes Itself on Our Planet

    In the Human Geography, Geography, BA program, you will analyze the placement of cities, businesses, industrial sites, and transportation routes—the distribution of anything on the Earth’s surface created by humans.

    You’ll also study cultural patterns, economic patterns, land use, and the built environment. In addition, you’ll learn about industry-standard location analysis techniques.

    Analyze Human-Created Geographic Patterns

    In this program, your courses will focus on understanding human-created geographic patterns on the earth’s surface and the methods which can be used to document and analyze these patterns.

    You’ll learn about and analyze urban development, transportation accessibility, economic development, and cultural patterns over the Earth’s surface.

    The human geographic knowledge and analysis techniques in this degree program prepare you for careers in areas such as location analysis, economic development, demographic analysis, and research analysis. It is also an excellent preparation for graduate programs.


    This 120-credit Geography major includes a 30-credit core and a 12+ credit specialization in Human Geography.

    Major Requirements

    • GEOG 213 Cartography and Map Design
    • GEOG 230 Cultural Geography
    • GEOG 231 Economic Geography
    • GEOG 316 Introduction to GIS
    • GEOG 341 Climatology
    • GEOG 342 Physiography
    • GEOG 411 History of Geography
    • GEOG 498 Research Seminar
    • RGPL 350 Introduction to Community Planning

    Human Geography Program Courses

    One course from GEOG 251–257 and four courses (12 credits) from the following:

    • GEOG 232 Urban Landscapes
    • GEOG 261 Geography of Wine
    • GEOG 331 Population Geography
    • GEOG 333 Trade and Transportation
    • GEOG 334 Political Geography
    • GEOG 336 Social Geography
    • GEOG 337 Historical Geography
    • GEOG 404 Transportation Planning