PhD in Nursing

  • The PhD in Nursing is designed to develop nurse-scholars who are experts in nursing pedagogy and are prepared to conduct advanced research. Graduates will synthesize knowledge from nursing and related disciplines as they assume leadership roles in diverse educational environments.

    The 60-credit program, designed for nurses interested in pursing a career in academia with a research focus on nursing education, provides students with nursing core courses, research courses, and supportive courses. Upon completion of the PhD in Nursing program, the graduate is prepared to:

    • Assume leadership in diverse educational environments.
    • Synthesize knowledge from nursing and related disciplines to facilitate learning and foster development of students and educators.
    • Conduct advanced nursing research that contributes to the generation of knowledge within nursing education.
    • Model the role of nurse-scholars and effective nurse-educator.

    Admission Criteria

    Students seeking admission to the PhD program in Nursing must satisfy the minimum School of Graduate Studies and Research requirements and have a master’s degree in nursing or a related field. International students are required to comply with the admission criteria as outlined in the graduate catalog.

    All applicants must also submit the following for review by the doctoral program committee:

    • Official Higher Education Transcripts
    • Nursing License
    • Current Curriculum Vitae
    • Writing Sample
    • Two Letters of Recommendation
    • Personal Interview

    Refer to the nursing doctoral student application packet for additional information about the admission process. Additional information about the program can be found at the Department of Nursing and Allied Health.

    Program Requirements

    The PhD program in Nursing requires a minimum of 60 semester hours of graduate credits. Each student must also satisfactorily complete the candidacy examination, the comprehensive examination, and the dissertation.

    Required course work:

    I. Nursing Core Courses (21 semester hours)

    NURS 820 Seminar in Nursing Theory 3 cr.
    NURS 860 Faculty Development in Nursing Education 3 cr.
    NURS 861 Pedagogical Practices in Nursing Education 3 cr.
    NURS 862 Curriculum Evaluation in Nursing 3 cr.
    NURS 863 Evaluation in Nursing Education 3 cr.
    NURS 864 Technology in Nursing Education 3 cr.
    NURS 993 Nursing Professoriate Practicum 3 cr.
    NURS 801 Colloquium in Nursing 3 cr. 

    II. Research Core (15 semester hours)

    GSR 517 Statistical Methods II 3 cr.
    NURS 951 Quantitative Nursing Research 3 cr.
    NURS 952 Qualitative Nursing Research 3 cr.
    NURS 953 Research Seminar I 3 cr.
    NURS 954 Research Seminar II 3 cr.

    III. Support Courses (12 semester hours)

    NURS 865 Student Issues in Nursing Education1,3 3 cr.
    NURS 802 Leadership in Nursing: A Case Study Approach² 3 cr.
    ------ Electives 6 cr.

    IV. Dissertation (12 semester hours)

    NURS 994 Dissertation Seminar 3 cr.
    NURS 995 Dissertation 9 cr.

    ¹May also take SAHE 631

    ²May also take ALS 802

    3May also take SAHE 737