Current Student Housing Options at IUP

  • Live On! bar with no dateYou’ve enjoyed living on campus—and don't want to give it up. Good news—your on-campus deal is even sweeter next year. As a current student, you’ll get big savings for most housing options—as much as $1,780 for the year!

    Sign up now for the 2020–21 academic year and have a better chance at getting your first choice of Living-Learning Community, building, room, and roommate.

    2020–21 housing rates for returning students
    Options Price per Semester
    Two-person shared semi-suite $3,600 (savings of $550 per semester compared to 2018–19 rates)
    Two-person private semi-suite $4,475 (same cost as 2018–19 rates)
    Two-person shared suite  $4,475 (savings of $15 per semester compared to 2018–19 rates)
    Four-person shared suite $3,600 (savings of $890 per semester compared to 2018–19 rates)
    Four-person private suite $4,475 (savings of $260 per semester compared to 2018–19 rates) 
    Two-person private suite
    w/private bath
    $4,900 (savings of $230 per semester compared to 2018–19 rates) 
    One-person private suite
    (very limited)
    $4,900  (savings of $365 per semester compared to 2018–19 rates) 
    Commons Fee (suites residents only)*

    *The nonrefundable Commons Fee covers common and community space maintenance and upkeep of the suites. The Commons Fee is separate from any individual or group damage-billing charges that might occur.

    Current Honors College students have the option to return to Whitmyre Hall at the same rates offered to freshmen. If they choose suite housing, such as the Honors College LLC in Northern Suites, they get the discounts listed above.

    Advantages You’ll Enjoy by Living on Campus

    1. Save money—reduced rates for current students make living on campus more affordable 
    2. Be in the heart of campus—with easy access to everything
    3. Have support when you need it—around the clock support from qualified and trained staff
    4. Keep your grades on track—students who live on campus typically maintain a higher GPA
    5. Safer housing choice—swipe your card to enter your secure building, resident assistants live in the buildings and do walking patrols, and going home in the evening from events and classes is a short, well-lit walk across campus
    6. Easy sign-up process—check out our new system with advanced roommate matching tools
    7. Upper Division Student Community option—with responsible alcohol use permitted within limits for students 21 and over

    How to Sign Up

    1. Log in to MyIUP.
    2. Click on the Campus Services tab.
    3. In the Housing and Residential Living section, click on Housing Services.
    4. Follow the instructions to sign up for housing. (See How to Sign Up for Housing and Dining for additional tips.)

    You will receive a confirmation email in your IUP account with your selections. We look forward to welcoming you to campus again!

    Please note that signing up for housing and dining is a binding contract that cannot be canceled, though you can make changes until the housing system closes for the year, usually in mid-summer.

    Suite Layouts (pdf)

    Buildings Available

    Living-Learning Communities 

    Important—Complete the Form to Sign Up for Certificate Programs

    To participate in one of the Living-Learning Community Certificate Programs, submit the "Living-Learning Community Certificate Program" form that can be found under the "Forms" tab when completing your housing application through your MyIUP.