Faculty Sick Leave Payment Guidelines

  • To be eligible for payment of sick leave upon retirement, faculty members must meet the following criteria:

    • Retirement at age 60 or above with at least five years of Commonwealth/State System service as a faculty member, or
    • Disability retirement, or
    • Retirement under age 60 with at least 25 years of Commonwealth/State System service. The entire 25 years need not be as a faculty member and may include periods of Commonwealth/State System service in other than faculty positions, and
    • Must retire and begin drawing a lifetime annuity from one of the State System’s retirement plans. Employees who elect to “retire” but choose to defer their monthly retirement annuity upon separation are not eligible to receive payment of unused sick leave even if all other criteria are met.

    Note: Commonwealth/State System service only includes service at a State System university or other Commonwealth agency. Commonwealth/State System Service does not include purchased service (military, in-state or out-of-state public school service, service with a Pennsylvania public school) through the employee’s retirement plan.

    Leave balances are reported on ESS as the number of hours an employee has accrued. To convert hours to days, divide the number of leave hours accrued by 7.5 hours.

    Payment Schedule:

    Days Available at Retirement

    Maximum Days of Unused Sick Leave Paid





    150-224  30
    225-299  40
    300 and over