Paid Personal Leave for SCUPA Employees

  • Personal leave is to be used for absences for reasons of a personal nature. Personal leave shall be scheduled and granted for periods of time requested by an employee subject to management’s responsibility to maintain efficient operations. 

    Earning Paid Personal Leave

    SCUPA employees earn paid personal leave per calendar quarter. To earn personal leave, employees must be permanent. Temporary SCUPA employees are not eligible to earn personal leave regardless of whether or not they have met the 750-hour threshold for accruing annual and sick leave.

    To earn personal leave, employees must have 20 days or 150 hours (37.50 hour work week) in an active pay status for the period of time that they are entitled to earn the leave. 

    • 12-Month SCUPA employees earn five paid personal days per year as follows:
      • One personal day is earned in the first, second, and fourth calendar quarters.
      • Two personal days are earned in the third calendar quarter.
    • 9-Month SCUPA employees earn four paid personal days, one day per calendar quarter.

    Using Paid Personal Leave

    • Requests to use personal leave must be made through Employee Self-Service (ESS).
    • Employees must have at least 30 calendar days of service before personal leave can be used.
    • Employees with more than one year of service may request and be approved to use personal leave that is expected to be earned in the current leave calendar year. The leave calendar year is defined as the first pay period in January through the pay period that includes December 31.
    • Requests to use personal leave should be made in advance if at all possible. Personal leave can be requested and used for unscheduled absences of an emergency nature or if the employee has been approved for FMLA Leave.

    Carry-Over and Payment of Unused Personal Leave

    • Personal leave does not carry over from year to year.
    • Unused personal leave from the prior leave calendar year that is not used within the first seven pay periods of the new leave calendar year will be lost.
    • Employees who retire, resign, or otherwise separate from the university are entitled to receive a payout of unused personal leave. The payout is based on the number of days available on the last day of employment and the employee’s salary at the time of separation.

    Additional Information on Paid Personal Leave