Reporting OPT Employment for SEVIS Record

  • Students on OPT have 90 days of unemployment total. Please report your current employment information within 10 days of your employment start date using this form. You may also use this form to report future changes of employment. We will update your SEVIS record for you. Once you submit this form, please plan to pick up the new I-20 within three to five business days in person, or submit an Express Mail request to have your I-20 mailed.  During COVID I-20s will be emailed to students and have their DSO's electronic signature.

    Failure to report employment information in the specified time or ending your OPT early by departing the USA will result in automatic termination of your F1 status.

    If you have an update to your employment please resubmit this form.

    All fields are required.




    Current Home Address

    This is your residential address. It should not be the address of your friend or employer.





    Current Employer Information





    (If you are working in a different location or off-site, please include the physical location of employment in the bottom text box of this form.)




    Current Job Information



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    Emergency Contact Information

    Your emergency contact is who we should call in case of a medical emergency. IE: if you were hospitalized and unable to communicate, who should we call?