End User License Agreements

  • When a person encounters new computer applications (even “free” ones available online), that person is often required to “click-through” (click a button that says “yes” or “I agree”) an agreement to use the application. One may even receive this request to click-through an agreement when upgrading to the latest version of an existing application. Click-through contracts have become so common it's easy to forget that they're legal contracts. This document provides guidance on questions about click-through agreements, when it is okay to accept the terms, what you should do if you want to use the application for professional use, and how to minimize your personal liability.

    Key Points

    • A click-through agreement is a contract.
    • By clicking “yes” or “I agree,” you may be accepting personal liability.
    • If you want to use a new software application, upgrade a version of an application you are already using, or use an online service, check with the IT Support Center and with Procurement to see if a contract exists, or ask for one to be created.