Accessing the itube Service

  • itube is the IUP implementation of Kaltura’s open source video platform.  This page will assist you in adding content to your itube channel(s) separate from a Learning Management System.

    Accessing itube

    1. To log on go to
    2. If you are not already logged in to IUP Single-sign-on (WebSO), you will need to put in your IUP Network username and password to log into the system.

    Navigating itube

    The itube homepage provides quick access to the channels to which you have access. Each channel contains media files that are accessible to you. The image below provides an overview of the layout of this page:

    itube navigation screen

    1. Search button —Allows you toggle the search window on and off. You can use this feature to search for media available in itube.
    2. Add New Button —Opens for you the workflow to add a new media (video or audio) file, webcam recording, online presentation, or screen recording (video screen capture).
    3. Profile Button —Provides you quick access to your channels, media, and playlists. The system logout feature is also located here.
    4. Channel Sort —Enables you to sort channels by most recently added, alphabetically, and membership.
    5. Create Channel —Enables you to create a new channel into which you can place media content.
    6. Channel List —Displays channels to which you have access.

    Adding Audio or Video Media to itube

    1. Click the Add New Button and select Media Upload from the dropdown.

    2. On the Upload Media screen, click the Choose a File to Upload button. itubeMediaChoose
    3. Locate the audio or video file that you would like to upload to the system on your computer. Please note the recommended audio/video formats at the beginning of this document.
      As the media file uploads, you will receive a status. Please note that upload times will vary depending on the size of the file.

    4. As your file uploads, you will have the opportunity provide a name (title), description of the file, and tags. Titles and descriptions should be descriptive and tell a little about the presentation. The tags you use will assist in making the media searchable, which is particularly useful for media that you want to make publicly available to the IUP community. When adding tags, be sure to separate terms by commas. For example, the tags for a video on Instructional Design might include the following: “Education, Instructional Design Teaching, Learning Online, Learning Distance Education.” If you update the information in the details section, be sure to click Save when you are done.
    5. Once your media has uploaded, you will be notified in the status bar on the Media Upload screen. Make sure you click the Save button to save the changes you have made to the details data. It is now safe to navigate away from the page. Alternately, you can click on the Go to media page link to set additional options on your media.