Using itube CaptureSpace Lite for Screen Recording

  • For those using Kaltura (itube) to capture screen recordings - the Java-based screen recorder is no longer supported by Kaltura, and has been replaced with CaptureSpace Lite. 

    Log in to From the Add New drop-down menu beside your name select CaputreSpace Lite .

     CaptureSpace Lite Selection Image

    On the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desk Recorder page, click the Download link for the operating system you have.

    CaptureSpace Lite Install

    Follow the install instruction and launch the install application. This may be found in the task bar at the bottom of the web browser screen. It can be different depending on the web browser you use. You will need to click the Run button on the Security Warning dialog box. Upon completion of the install, you will need to go back to the Add New menu in itube and select CaptureSpace Lite to launch the recorder for the first time.

    CaptureSpace Lite Launch

    Next, locate the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desk Recorder application on your local machines desktop. Click on the icon.

    CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Icon

    Kaltura Capture Space Desktop Recorder will open. You will see the options you have for screen recording. The red text was added to indicate what is recorded by each feature. You can also go back to itube account and, once again, from the Add New drop-down menu beside your name, select CaputreSpace Lite. This will open the desktop application.

    CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder

    Click on the monitor icon where you want to record the action. If you have more than one monitor, select the monitor that you want to record the activity on. 

    Selecting Screen Area, below the monitor images,   will enable you to capture action in a specific area if your screen.  Selecting Full Screen will record the full screen of the selected monitor.  To begin click the Record button.

    CaptureSpace Lite Screen Capture Options

    You will see a countdown starting in 5 before recording begins. You can use the key commands shown to pause or use the draw tools available.

    CaptureSpace Lite Recording Started

    Once the countdown is completed, you begin recording your screen stepping through the actions you wish to record. 

    The Recording Screen Capture toolbar is displayed. To stop recording your screen, click on the Done button. Selecting Pause will pause the recording, while selecting Draw enables you to emphasize aspects of the recording with arrows, outline squares, and circles.

    CaptureSpace Lite Video Capture Tools

    After you click the Done button, to complete the recording, you will see the recorded video preview. You can choose to add titles, credits, chop, or trim the video. When you have completed reviewing or editing the video, click on the Done button at the bottom right of the screen.

     CaptureSpace Lite Editing

    You are taken to the Upload Options screen. You can enter a more relevant title for the video than what is in the title box. It is highly recommended that you add tags to use in the event you need to search for the video. A Description for the video is options. Next, you have the opportunity to upload the video to itube. To do so, select the Upload button. You can also select the Save button to save the video to your library or Preview to review the video.

    CaptureSpace Lite Upload Options

    You should then see the Upload Success screen. Click the Close button to complete the process. You are returned to the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder screen.

    CaptureSpace Lite Upload Success