Using itube WebCam Recording Through D2L

  • The itube WebCam feature enables you to create a video using you webcam through D2L. For example you could create a welcome message to add to your course.

    1. Log on to D2L Brightspace using your IUP Computer Account username and password. Select the module where you want the video to be placed.
    2. Select the Upload/Create blue button. From the drop-down menu select Create a File. Enter a title for the new file.
    3. Click on the Insert Stuff button. It is the first icon on the left side of the toolbar. On the Insert Stuff window, click on My Media. On the My Media window click on the Add New button, and select Webcam Recording from the drop-down menu.
    4. You will need to have a webcam hooked up to your computer. If you see an Adobe Flash Player settings box, select Allow so you can insert the webcam video. It is highly recommended that you use a web browser that supports Java such as Firefox.
    5. To begin the process, click Record, and Stop once finished. When you have stopped the recording, underneath the video screen select Play to review the recording. The length of the recording is also displayed. You can also Clear the recording or go to the Flash Settings. Select the Next button.
    6. On the next screen enter a title for the recording. Optionally you can enter a description. It is highly recommended that you enter tags (identifying text) to be able to search for the video. When entering multiple tags, separate them by using commas. Click the Next button.  
    7. A preview of your video displays in the next window. If you cannot preview the video, click on the  Refresh Preview  button. Click the  Insert button on the bottom left of the My Media Window  to insert the video into the html editor.  
    8. Once the video has been inserted, click the Publish button so students can access it. If you need to do some additional work, then click on the Save as Draft button.  Students will not be able to access the video until it is published.