Test Scoring Forms

  • Test Scoring Forms are used for the processing of exams administered by faculty and scanned at the IT Support Center.

    When you are ready to turn in your exams for scoring, be sure to complete all the forms needed for the IT Support Center to process the request. Complete the Test Scoring Request Form and the Test Header form. You will also have your Answer Key and your student’s Answer Sheets. The Answer Key and Answer Sheet are both the General Purpose Answer sheets as decribed below.

    Arrange the completed forms and sheets in the envelope in the following order:

    1. Test Scoring Request Form
    2. Test header
    3. Answer key sheet(s) in numerical order
    4. Answer sheets (GPAS)

    Place them in the envelope and securely seal the flap. The envelope can then be taken to the IT Support Center.

    Forms Required for Each Set of Exams: