Alumni Email Account

  • IUP offers an IUP Live Mail email account to all alumni and retired employees. 

    For alumni and retiring employees who wish to maintain their connection to IUP, Live Mail accounts are provided. Once set up, alumni can find instructions pertaining to the setup and maintenance of their Live Mail account. Access to the new Office 365 account can be found at

    The Live Mail accounts are on the Office 365 cloud-based service. These accounts are email only (Exchange service). Alumni will not have access to Office 365 or any of the Office 365 applications.

    Set up your vacation reminder prior to your leaving IUP to let people know your new email address. Note that email sent to your IUP email address will no longer be delivered to your IUP account once the account becomes inactive. Email sent to your IUP address will bounce back to the sender with no forwarding email. The vacation reminder to let people know your new Live Mail account.  Even if you choose not to request a Live Mail account, the vacation reminder is a good option to let people know a new email address.

    Be sure to review the FAQ section for instructions on setting up the accounts and other important information regarding this type of account.

  • Setting Up Live Mail Account

  • Have a question about your alumni email account?