Map the IUP Network Drives

  • Students, staff, and faculty can access the network shares on IUP’s network through mapping the appropriate drive.

    Students, staff, and faculty have access to certain shares on the IUP network. In order to access these shares, you must map the network share on your computer. This process is called drive mapping. When you map a drive, you assign the network share a letter. If you want to go to that network share, you simply click on the drive letter from your computer file system.

    The “H Drive,” “O Drive,” and “P Drive” are some of the most common mappings. When you use the P Drive, for example, you are taken to the Project share. This is a storage space that some professors use for disseminating information and materials for a course. It can also be used for turning in assignments, if the professor chooses to do that.

    Be sure to get the network path from the list of options for the drive mapping that you wish to connect to. If you are following the instructions for mapping the network drive, you will need to know the network path.

    The instructions for mapping the drives are below the list of drive mappings. Note: Your username will need to be in the format iupmsd\username.

    It is important to remember, when you are off campus, you must use VPN to connect to the IUP network before you try to map any IUP drive, or access a drive you have already mapped.

  • These instructions will guide you through the mapping process for your specific computer/operating system.

    You must be connected to the IUP network before you start this process. If you are on campus and connected to IUP, you can proceed with the mapping process. If you are off campus, you must connect the IUP network via VPN, before you try to access mapped drives. Use the network paths listed above for the network folders.

    Please note that we only support Windows (8.1 and above) and Mac (OS X and above) computers.