IUP Libraries E-Journal Collection

  • graphic showing how e-journals and databases are related

    What is an E-Journal?

    When you’re in the library or searching for resources on the library’s web page, you will frequently see references to both IUP’s library databases as well as the library’s e-journal collection.

    One of the most important things to recognize while searching through our collections is that databases and e-journals are intimately connected—in fact, you might say they are practically the same thing!

    E-journals are found in our electronic databases. The databases we subscribe to contain millions of articles from thousands of journals, and all of the articles from a particular journal can be thought of as an electronic version of that journal. These e-journals are full-text articles, downloadable to your computer, and usually appear just as they did when they were first published. So when you hear about e-journals, remember that they’re found within our electronic databases. The picture above shows how e-journals and databases are related.

    How do I Find an E-Journal?

    There are many ways to get to an e-journal. First, you can search through our IUP Libraries online catalog for the title of a journal. If we have an electronic version of it, it will say [electronic resource] after the title. This indicates that it is an e-journal.

    Another way to search for e-journals is to open up one of our electronic databases and begin searching for an article topic or for the title of a journal. If you find a full-text article, you’ve found part of our e-journal collection.

    Finally, you can use the IUP e-journal portal to search through just our electronic journals, to find out which databases contain the journal you need.