Liaison Program

  • In order to provide and maintain the most relevant, up-to-date, and accessible collection of library materials possible, the IUP Libraries need input from their patrons and the academic community at IUP. To get that input, we developed the Library Liaison Program, in which department faculty liaisons team up with a librarian (the bibliographer) to recommend and select materials for the library.

    The Role of the Liaison

    The faculty liaison for a department is responsible for working closely with the bibliographer to that department—reviewing incoming materials, forwarding purchase requests to the bibliographer, voicing concerns from their colleagues within the department, and helping their bibliographer tailor the collection to the specific needs of the university's academic departments.

    This requires a liaison to be familiar with the academic curriculum of his or her department, the research interests of his or her colleagues, and an understanding of the overall goals of the department.

    The Role of the Bibliographer

    Each librarian at IUP acts as the bibliographer for several departments. Their job is to review incoming materials and identify those that fit the collection development policy, the goals of the library, and the goals of the department which the librarian serves. Working together with the faculty liaisons, the bibliographers identify and order books and other materials meeting all those criteria.

    What Makes a Good Liaison?

    Being a library liaison is an important duty, which requires commitment on the part of the liaison to be involved with the selection process for library materials.

    We Look for Liaisons Who:

    • Have a strong understanding of the research and curricular needs of the academic department
    • Are familiar with the IUP Libraries collection for the department’s academic area(s)
    • Are familiar with the IUP Libraries’ services
    • Are dedicated to enhancing the IUP Libraries’ information resources for the department’s academic area
    • Will work collaboratively across academic units and meet deadlines for ordering and selection of resources

    What Does a Library Liaison Do?

    There are a few tasks that library liaisons are asked to do as part of the library liaison role. These activities help make the liaison relationship work efficiently and keep the Libraries' collections and services relevant to the academic needs of the university.

    Library Liaisons:

    • Communicate regularly with their bibliographer to discuss departmental goals, issues, and requests for new library materials
    • Convey departmental research and teaching interests to their bibliographer to help identify new resources for the department
    • Communicate regularly with their colleagues to collect feedback about the IUP Libraries

    Library Information for Departmental Liaisons

    Visit the Liaison Program Database to find out what librarian serves your department, and who your departmental liaison is.