Book Collection Policy

  • The high cost of journals, with an annual inflation rate of around 10 percent, threatens to consume our static book budget. To prevent this eventuality, IUP Libraries endeavor to maintain a 70 to 30 percent ratio between the two budgets.

    • Hardbacks will be collected unless there is a substantial financial gain in getting the paperback and binding it.
    • Generally, textbooks, workbooks, and study guides are not collected, with the exception of the children’s textbook collection.
    • Generally, books in foreign languages are not collected, with the exception of foreign language materials to support foreign language classes.
    • Books of a very popular nature/self-help books are generally not collected.
    • Duplication of titles is generally avoided except in the case of highly used titles. See duplication policy.
    • Older editions of books are generally not retained when more current editions are available.
    • Fiction of short-term interest will not be collected. The Libraries will collect established literary works and new works of promise in the literary field, especially those works that support course offerings. Other fiction received by the library as gifts may be added to the collections based upon appropriateness to course offerings.