Micro Formats Collection Policy

  • While microfilm/fiche may sometimes be an attractive alternative to print (it may be less expensive and requires less storage space), library users tend not to like using this format. Micro formats tend to be extremely heavy and require definite floor specifications to support them. Micro formats also require specialized storage cabinets that add to both cost and weight. The IUP Libraries may purchase micro formats in the following cases:

    • If the desired material is only available in micro format
    • If the material is significantly less expensive in that format
    • For preservation of certain serial titles when rebinding is not feasible due to
      • difficulty in binding because of format or heavy usage
      • propensity for many missing issues
      • regular mutilation 

    Microfiche is preferred over microfilm. Silver halide is generally preferred, as is 35 mm when microfilm must be acquired.