Print Journal Collection Policy

  • New journal subscriptions generally may not be initiated without cancellation of an equivalent subscription dollar amount of current subscriptions unless new and sustained funding becomes available.

    • The Libraries will subscribe to a core of general interest periodicals that have academic merit and are included in indexing/abstracting services.
    • Periodicals specifically designed for recreational reading or hobbyists will not be collected. These may, however, be acquired as gifts.
    • If available, electronic subscriptions are favored over paper or microfilm formats.

    Because of the expense involved with yearly subscriptions to journals, journal selection and retention decisions may be made on an annual basis. De-selection decisions may be based on any of the following criteria:

    • Circulation Statistics. If current issues of the journal have not circulated, our users may be better served through ILL/document delivery.
    • Change in Focus. A change in focus by either the journal or the department(s) chiefly utilizing the journal may call into question the need for a particular journal.
    • Coverage in electronic database(s). If a print journal becomes available in a full-text database to which the Libraries subscribe and no content/mathematical formulae/graphics deemed necessary are lost in the transition to digital format, electronic delivery will be the access of preference.