Textbook Collection Development Policy

  • Objectives 

    1. This collection exists to support the curriculum of the College of Education and Educational Technology.
    2. Textbooks for all subject areas for grades kindergarten through six shall be selected on a rotating basis as funds allow.
    3. Textbooks for faculty-requested subject areas for grades seven through twelve shall be selected on a rotating basis as funds allow.
    4. Textbooks adopted by local schools or by schools in Western Pennsylvania shall be given priority.
    5. The collection shall attempt to be representative rather than all-inclusive.
    6. Normally textbooks shall be removed from the collection after ten years. Only current editions will be kept.
    7. The Kraus Curriculum Development Library database is purchased annually in support of the curriculum.


    1. Level and Treatment: The collection shall include student textbooks and textbook-related materials such as workbooks, teacher's manuals, activity books, resource books, etc., that are appropriate for preschool through grade twelve.
    2. Languages: The primary language is English. Materials used to teach foreign languages or in bilingual multicultural environments are also collected if faculty requested.
    3. Chronology: Emphasis shall be on the most current materials. Outdated treatments or items replaced by newer editions shall be weeded. 
    4. Geographical: Educational materials published in the United States are emphasized. Foreign publications may be acquired on a selective basis.
    5. Cultural Diversity: Every effort shall be made to have the collection reflect all types of cultural diversity and promote respect for individuals and the global community.


    1. This collection exists primarily for undergraduate education majors.
    2. Other library clients may use the collection as well.
    3. The collection is not established to be used or browsed by children.