Videos/Media Collection Policy

  • Objectives 

    1. This collection's main role is to support the teaching curriculum of the university.
    2. A secondary role is to offer a wide and eclectic variety of subjects and media which meet the personal interest and research needs of students, faculty members, and staff.
    3. All Jimmy Stewart films will be collected as they become available on videocassette.
    4. All Academy Award-winning films will be added as budget allows.


    1. Level and Treatment: The collection shall include items in all media formats that are appropriate for college use.
    2. Languages: The primary language is English. Foreign materials used to teach foreign languages are purchased if faculty requested. Bilingual videos are ordered if they are recognized as award-winning films.
    3. Chronology: Topical emphasis shall be on currency. Outdated treatments or items replaced by newer versions shall be weeded. Award-winning films and classics shall be retained.
    4. Geographical: Educational materials produced in the United States are emphasized. Foreign productions may be acquired on a selective basis.
    5. Cultural Diversity: Every effort shall be made to have the collection reflect all types of cultural diversity and promote respect for individuals and the global community.


    1. This collection exists primarily for IUP faculty members and students.
    2. Any client with a valid I-Card may use the collection as well.
    3. The collection is not established to be used or browsed by children.