Studio 1b at the IUP Libraries

  • Get ready for prime time! Studio 1b is an innovative video production facility designed for one-button recording and production. All you need is a USB thumb drive.

    Studio 1b is located on the second floor of the Stabley Library building and is managed by Library Technology Services.

    How does it work?

    Modeled after the One Button Studio located at Penn State’s main campus, Studio 1b provides a camera, chroma-key green screen, and a suite of film and audio recording equipment designed to be operated with a single press of a button. We've also built in a smart board for presentations needing as-you-go annotations.

    Additional graphic/video support is available currently through I-TIC, located next to the Information Commons Support Desk and the Media and Equipment Desk. 

    Reserving Studio 1b

    Studio 1b can be scheduled for 60-minute time blocks; if you need more, please contact the Media and Equipment desk and they’ll work with you. Trained student assistants will be happy to unlock the door and show you around.

    You can request a reservation through the Studio 1b calendar

    Feedback and Suggestions

    Have you used Studio 1b? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience!