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Letters to the Editor: Fall-Winter 2018

First Fall Back

My best friend from college and I were cracking up when we saw the picture of us “On the Way to Miller Stadium.” We most definitely know the group and still keep in touch—although not as frequently as we would like!

The timing of the photo is off, though. We were freshmen in the fall of ’83, but that photo is when we are older. My friend on the left is wearing a Dickinson sweatshirt that she got while dating a guy when he was at law school after we graduated in ’87. Also, I was a cheerleader at IUP during football seasons ’84 through ’86, so I know it wasn’t any of those years, since I was on the field. We believe it was our first fall as alumnae.

From left to right: Karen Anderson Rebholz ’87, Pam Mato Krause ’87, Christine Papik O’Connell ’87, Valerie Wehler ’87, Carol Gyenes Palmer ’87, and Lucy Sgrignoli ’87. Thanks so much for sharing!

Christine Papik O’Connell ’87

Editor’s Note: IUP archivist Harrison Wick appreciated all the responses he received to the photo referenced above. He also heard from Jeff Leventry ’80, M’81, Julie Hoffman Ceder ’86, M’87, Lucy Sgrignoli ’87, and Michele McKee Traficante ’88.

‘A Pathetic Cop-Out’

Your article on free speech [in the Summer edition] was a pathetic cop-out. It appears to be written as a forced response to the national backlash you all have been deservedly receiving. Also, your portrayal of the classroom incident involving Lake Ingle sounds nothing like what he described. The professor did not agree with his opinion on genders, thus he had to be silenced and publicly shamed. Did you even talk to Lake Ingle?

These impressionable young adults do not arrive at your institution with such snowflake tendencies. Your ultraliberal staff and professors foster and indoctrinate this thinking. IUP has become nothing more than a taxpayer-subsidized socialist breeding ground, instead of an institution of higher learning. 

If you really want to solve this problem, conduct a faculty purge campus-wide and get rid of these toxic instructors. 

I am ashamed to tell anyone that I graduated from IUP.

Gerald Lago ’76
Colonel (Retired), US Army

P.S. If anyone reading this letter is offended, please add your own name to the purge list.

‘Intelligent and Helpful Moves’

I want to thank you for this superb article [“Speak Out, Listen Up,” Summer edition]. It clearly stated the issues and problems, along with clear examples of its application at IUP. It was well written and well researched. Your quotes throughout from IUP staff members and students made it so worthwhile and informative.

The article also does an excellent job of outlining and explaining IUP’s reaction to the issue, from both the administration and the Student Government Association. It was quite encouraging to see my alma mater making such intelligent and helpful moves.

Larry Paladin ’76
Penn Hills

Editor’s Note: In response to the story “A List of Legends” from the Summer edition of IUP Magazine, many readers requested the list Wally Stapleton M’87 and friends compiled of nationally known musical acts who have performed at IUP. That list now appears with the story on the magazine website. Stapleton said he and others drew mostly from their memories, so the list is bound to have omissions and inaccuracies.

An Eclectic List

Thanks for another great, nostalgic story—“A List of Legends,” Summer edition. It spurred me to find the ticket stub from the Kansas show, March 13, 1977.

One of the qualities of IUP performers that was noted in the story is their variety. In the mid-’70s, standout performers included Kansas, Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express, Freddie Hubbard, and Roy Buchanan (rock, jazz, blues).
In those days, IUP also brought in top regional acts for weekend shows in the Student Union basement. Of note were the Rhythm Kings (Billy Price’s band at the time) from Pittsburgh and Left End from Youngstown. All fond memories of IUP.

Denny Puko ’77

And Many More

I read with great interest the article “A List of Legends.” While at the main campus from 1975-78, I was on the concert committee and participated in bringing a wide range of artists to IUP. Many who were not mentioned include Daryl Hall and John Oates, the Outlaws, Billy Joel (in 1977), Dave Mason, Roy Buchanan, Al Jarreau, Michael Franks, Procol Harum, Gentle Giant, Cheap Trick, Weather Report, Chuck Mangione, and many, many more. We were very lucky at the time to have a very cooperative and flexible sponsor in a guy named Bruce Zimmerman [director of Student Activities]. He was the main man on the activities board that coordinated our shows. Thanks to Bob Fulton for covering the topic.

Steve Acri ’78

Roof at Risk

Thoroughly enjoyed Bob Fulton’s article, “A List of Legends,” in the latest edition of IUP Magazine. It was an amazing compilation of performers and events. I admired and respected their work in my lifetime and in my experience at IUP. However, I respectfully wanted to share an experience or two from my time at IUP.

I attended the J. Geils Band performance at IUP circa 1977-78. Thanks to a member of the event staff, I had the pleasure of meeting lead singer Peter Wolf backstage. The band had the number-one album, Freeze Frame, in 1982. In addition, Kansas and the Outlaws—not together—almost blew the roof off the field house in 1977.

My dear friend/roommate and I also worked security for a number of events featuring local bands at the Student Union and Amphitheater during summer sessions. Many thanks to IUP for the entertaining experiences.

Danny Mawritz ’78
Formerly of the Brown House, 974 Oakland Avenue, Indiana

’90s Giants 

I enjoyed reading the article “A List of Legends.” I was always impressed with the musical artists that IUP brought in for concerts. Along with Bob Dylan, who was mentioned in the article, I also saw They Might Be Giants in 1990 and Living Colour in 1991 at Fisher Auditorium—both memorable shows. 

Joe McLaughlin ’92, M’96

Still Sailing after All These Years

Photos courtesy of Bill Ringle

Jeff and Carol Young and Lorena and Bill Ringle

Founding members of the IUP Sailing Club in 1976. From left: Jeff and Carol Young and Lorena and Bill Ringle.

In 1975, my wife, Lorena, and I were 19-year-old, married students at IUP. Just for fun, we enrolled in a Physical Education class, Sailing and Canoeing, for the spring semester. The class was held at Yellow Creek State Park, and it was there we met fellow students Jeff Young and Carol Dombroski (now Carol Young).

Bill Ringle sailing in the British Virgin Islands

Bill Ringle sailing in the British Virgin Islands in May

An experienced sailor, Jeff pursued starting a sailing club to gain access to the sailboats beyond the class. Lorena, an art major, designed a logo, and Dr. Gene Lepley agreed to be our sponsor. Carol had windbreakers made, and the IUP Sailing Club formed with about a dozen members. Over the next two years, the club attended the boat show in Pittsburgh and hosted the designer of one of the club’s sailboats, the MFG Sidewinder, as a speaker.

Over the summers, Lorena and I would ride our bicycles from town to Yellow Creek for a day of sailing! Back then, the boats were dragged on shore and the sails, rudders, and lifejackets were locked in a large, plywood box. This was all we had.
After graduation, Lorena and I bought a used Sidewinder, started racing, and traveled to regattas with Carol and Jeff. This mutual interest has kept our friendship alive for over 40 years! Our children are all competent sailors, too. Sailing has been an important interest for both of our families. It is now starting to carry over to our in-laws and probably to our grandchildren.

Bill Ringle and Jeff Young

In the Caribbean: Bill Ringle, left, wearing Carol Young’s IUP Sailing Club jacket from the ’70s, and Jeff Young

Over the past decade, we have taken several sailing trips to the Caribbean. This involves chartering a 50-foot yacht and living aboard for a week while sailing from island to island in the British Virgin Islands.

Recently, while sailing at Moraine State Park, I met a guy wearing an IUP Sailing hat. I introduced myself as a founding member of the IUP Sailing Club. To my surprise, he was Ken Sherwood, the current faculty advisor for the IUP Sailing Club. It is rewarding to learn that this fledgling club we started 44 years ago is still introducing young people to our sport and hobby. The academic environment encouraged us to start a club. The extracurricular activity encouraged us to be lifelong friends.

Bill Ringle ’76 and Lorena Soukup Ringle ’77
Jeff Young ’76 and Carol Dombroski Young ’76

Founding members of the IUP Sailing Club in 1976. From left: Jeff and Carol Young and Lorena and Bill Ringle.
Bill Ringle sailing in the British Virgin Islands in May
In the Caribbean: Bill Ringle, left, wearing Carol Young’s IUP Sailing Club jacket from the ’70s, and Jeff Young