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Message From the President: Fall-Winter 2018

President Michael Driscoll

Camaraderie for the Explorers

If you’ve played a team sport or served in the military or been part of any club or organization, you already know the best facet of that experience is togetherness. When you are surrounded by people who share a common purpose, you tend to care more about the work at hand, and you benefit from the support structures that naturally form throughout the group.

A few years ago, a Harvard Business Review article addressed the importance of workplace friendships for this same reason. “People in organizations need to work together. So, managers and employees need to foster collaboration, trust, personal relationships, fun, and support,” the article asserted.

Why wouldn’t we expect this symbiosis to be applicable in the academic environment?

Some students have been missing out on one chance at camaraderie—students who start at IUP without declaring a major. I prefer to call them explorers.

In this issue, you will find a story called “Great Expectations,” in which two of my colleagues and I discuss the new University College and how IUP has identified yet a different facet of student success and has taken action—this time in support of students who enter IUP as explorers.

Helping students understand what the future holds for them and how they can positively impact our world is what we do best. Providing our explorers with a place they can find camaraderie, along with connected course work and intentional experiences that will help them determine a major, will work well in their favor, as we know it does for those who enroll at IUP with a dream and a game plan. 

In addition to stories about alumni success and faculty innovation, you’ll also see Imagine Unlimited, our comprehensive campaign, mentioned in this edition. The University College is among many of the campaign’s initiatives that will amplify our efforts at academic excellence, student success, and diversity and inclusion.

The campaign will nourish IUP’s transformation and ensure that it is the place alumni who participated in our recent attitude study said they wanted to see—a place where students succeed, without barriers, to build a future for themselves and for our communities.

Michael Driscoll