About Our Marketing Faculty

  • Professor Lisa Sciulli and students in a marketing class

    PROFESSORS WHO KNOW YOU:   Classes in your major are small enough that your professors can get to know you—a valuable feature when it’s time for a letter of recommendation for an internship. Lisa Sciulli (left) shares her expertise with students in a marketing class.

    Experienced, Involved, and Specialized Professors

    IUP College of Business Marketing faculty members not only bring scholarship to the classroom but also their significant respective practical experiences in the real world of business and industry. With doctoral degrees from leading universities, they are research-active and publish frequently in professional journals. Their main focus, however, is teaching their students. While well versed in all major aspects of marketing, our professors are noted for their specialties.  

    • Faculty members bring an international approach to marketing.
    • Our professors believe in hands-on experience, and engage students in a number of projects, assignments and practical exercises which enhance learning.
    • Only highly qualified professors instruct marketing classes. Graduate assistants offer research support and do not teach any classes.