Conference Related Courses

  • IUP is offering graduate and undergraduate Sociology and Psychology electives related to the REACH conference.

    These courses will be offered during the Early Summer Session (May 13–30, 2014).

    Course participants must attend all four days of the REACH conference at IUP; the rest of the course will occur online. The cost of attendance at the conference will be covered by tuition.

  • Understanding and Responding to Violence and Trauma

    SOC 481: Open Topics (3 credits)

    Instructor: Dr. Christian Vaccaro (

    • No prerequisites
    • Students will receive an overview of contemporary and current research and clinical approaches for preventing, responding to, and coping with violence and trauma across a variety of social context
    • Assignments include: readings, discussions and quizzes related to conference topics, case analysis, and a reflection paper

    Course Syllabus

    Introduction to Poly-Victimization: Child and Adult Advocacy Studies

    PSYC 981: Special Topics (1 or 3 credits)

    SOC 781/881: Special Topics (3 credits)

    Instructor: Dr. Pearl Berman (

    • Prerequisites: Graduate status at IUP, Psychology Honors at IUP, or Permission from Instructor
    • Students will receive an overview of the research literature on poly-victimization including the common etiological factors that have been found across types of interpersonal violence.
    • Assignments include: related readings, case analysis

    Course Syllabus



    • Readings and assignments will be posted online by May 13th, one week prior to the conference.
    • All assignments must be submitted online by May 30th, one week after the last day of the conference. 
    • Faculty will be present throughout conference to address your questions.
    • Office hours will be held during the entire Early Summer Session, May 12th – May 30th.



    Please contact the course instructors for more information.

    If you are interested in presenting, please contact Camille Interligi (