Publications by Dr. Christian Vaccaro

  •  Articles

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    • 2014 Rohlinger, Deana, Christian Vaccaro, Miriam Sessions, and Heather Maune. "Identity Deployment Social Movements, and the Battle over Terri Shiavo". Social Currents
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    • 2013  Identity in Action. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the American Sociological Association, New York. 
    • 2010  Using Online Materials to Supplement Ethnographic Research. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the Southern Sociological Society, Atlanta, GA.
    • 2009  Integrating Vertical, Horizontal, and Group-Process Models of Expertise: Developing a Symbolic Interactionist Approach to Embodiment Processes. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the Florida Society of Social Science, Gainesville, FL.