Alcohol Treatment for Older Patients: Appropriateness and Effectiveness

  • Description: This study recruited approximately 75 patients over 50 years old from Gateway Rehabilitation Center, Aliquippa, PA. These older patients were extensively interviewed about the barriers to treatment and their experiences in treatment and administered a depression test at program intake. They are also being tracked for two years as part of a follow-up study to assess the effectiveness of substance abuse treatment with older patients as compared to the younger population of patient. 
    Goal: to assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of conventional alcohol treatment for older patients.

    Principal Investigator: Edward Gondolf

    Source of funding: Hartford Foundation via Gateway Rehabilitation Center
    Type of Study: Evaluation Research
    Effort: 10%
    Contract length: 4 years
    Period: April 1995 to April 1999
    Total Amount: $107,000 (plus $30,000 in-kind support from Gateway)