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McNair Scholars List Graduate School Plans

TheIUP McNair Scholars Program announces the future plans of the 2018McNair graduating class. This fall, 10students from this cohort will be in master’s or doctoral programs, and the program congratulates these scholars who are onto bigger things.

Posted on 5/11/2018 12:23:21 PM

Three McNair Scholars are Research Trailblazers

Each year, the McNair at IUP program encourages scholars to apply for research opportunities outside of IUP. This year, three McNair scholars have been accepted into three distinct and prestigious programs.

Posted on 4/12/2016 2:34:17 PM

McNair Scholar Receives Goldwater Scholarship

Kara McClain, IUP Nursing student and McNair Scholar is a recipient of the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship.

Posted on 4/8/2016 2:39:33 PM

McNair Scholars Program Application Deadline

The application deadline for the McNair Scholars Program is now March 1, 2016.

Posted on 10/13/2015 2:48:19 PM

IUP McNair Scholars Program Awarded Supplemental Grant

The award from the U.S. Department of Education “reflects the department’s recognition of the successful coordinated managementof the McNair program at IUP over the past 10 years.”

Posted on 10/6/2014 2:24:38 PM

Wylie: Newsmaker From the McNair Scholars Program

The IUP McNair Scholars program proudly announces the PhDcompletion of Danielle Wylie from the University of Wisconsin–Madison inphilosophy.

Posted on 10/2/2014 1:32:25 PM

McNair Application Deadline Announced

The deadline for applying for the McNair Scholars Program is November 28, 2014.

Posted on 9/29/2014 12:07:51 PM

IUP McNair Celebrates Two More PhD Graduates

The IUP McNair program congratulates two more PhD graduates, Laura Briscoe and Danielle Kuntz.

Posted on 6/20/2014 1:50:16 PM

Spring 2014 McNair Scholar Spotlight

Dan O’Hara ’14, a Geoscience and Computer Science double major from Ebensburg, Pa., has been selected for a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program Fellowship, beginning in the 2014–2015 academic year.

Posted on 6/20/2014 1:26:53 PM

2014 McNair Scholar Graduates

Congratulations to these 2014 IUP McNair Program graduates. Many have enrolled in graduate programs for fall 2014, most with full funding packages.

Posted on 6/19/2014 3:36:09 PM

2014 Undergraduate Scholars Forum McNair Winners

The McNair Scholars Program congratulates its winning scholars from the 2014 IUP Undergraduate Scholars Forum.

Posted on 6/19/2014 3:20:33 PM

IUP McNair Scholars Present Research at Spring 2014 National Conference

Nicholas Brock and Kim Waddy were selected to present their McNair research projects at the 15th annual National McNair Research Conference on March 13–16, 2014.

Posted on 6/19/2014 3:11:50 PM

Newsmakers from the McNair Scholars Program

The IUP McNair Scholars Program announces the Ph.D. completion of two alumni of the program: Adam Crain and Shane Moulton.

Posted on 9/23/2013 6:29:06 PM

19th National McNair Research Conference and Graduate School Fair

Nine McNair scholars traveled to Niagara Falls, New York, to attend the 19th annual National McNair Research Conference and Graduate School Fair, sponsored by SUNY–Buffalo, on July 11–14, 2013.

Posted on 8/26/2013 12:03:03 PM

2012 McNair Scholars Accepted to Graduate Programs

These McNair Scholars have been accepted to graduate programs.

Posted on 4/12/2013 2:40:57 PM

McNair Scholars Receive Awards at 2013 Undergraduate Scholars Forum

These McNair Scholars received awards at the 2013 Undergraduate Scholars Forum.

Posted on 4/12/2013 2:38:27 PM

McNair Scholars Attend Annual National McNair Conference

Eighteen McNair scholars recently traveled to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, to attend the 21st annual National McNair Research Conference and Graduate School Fair on November 9–11, 2012.

Posted on 11/29/2012 4:46:27 PM

Students Present Research at Twelfth Annual National McNair Research Conference

McNair Scholars Brittany Allman, Alisia Drew, and Rebecca Santi presented their research at the National McNair Research Conference and Graduate School Fair, March 17–20, 2011.

Posted on 4/4/2011 12:47:57 PM

McNair Scholars Selected for 2010–2011 Academic Year

Nineteen new scholars have been selected to participate in the IUP McNair Scholars Program for academic year 2010–2011.

Posted on 4/23/2010 10:15:30 AM

Upward Bound Math and Science Summer Residential Program Begins

The six-week program comes with enrichment courses in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Writing Skills, and Financial literacy.

Posted on 6/18/2009 10:00:39 AM

Congratulations Dr. Masilela!

Dr. Masilela was given special recognition from the graduate school this past fall with a “Reach Beyond” award.

Posted on 9/9/2008 12:21:53 PM

Congratulations to Ms. Staples!

Ms. Hilary Staples has been accepted to IUP’s Administration and Leadership Studies Ph.D. program.

Posted on 9/9/2008 12:21:08 PM

Graduating Seniors!

Congratulations to our graduating McNair Scholars.

Posted on 9/9/2008 12:19:57 PM

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