For String Project Teachers

  • TeachersThe String Project is a quintessential model of service learning. It allows IUP undergraduate and graduate students to learn new skills, think critically, and test their roles as professionals in an environment that rewards competence.  

    The String Project allows our future graduates to refine their teaching skills while still in school. It is more important than ever that our young teachers feel competent as they enter the profession. Because 67 percent of the nation's children are exposed to music instruction through school programs, this is essential, not only for the preservation of our art but for maintaining access for large numbers of students.

    Access to music instruction can be divided along economic lines. The philosophy of the university and of the String Project is to maintain the affordability of our instruction to minimize this division.

  • IUP String Project Teacher Application
    Clearances Required
    A reminder that all clearances—Act 34, Act 151, and Act 114 (the FBI Fingerprinting)—must be taken care of in order to teach in the String Project.
    Policies and Procedures
    Attendance, lessons, meetings, and more...
    Teacher Participation
    One of the important goals of this program is to support the string programs in the schools.  
    Teacher Eligibility and Responsibilities
    Teachers must commit to teaching weekly private lessons, two to three group classes per semester, and attending all pedagogy meetings.
    Teacher-Training Program
    The program provides hands-on practical experience teaching one-on-one lessons