Undergraduate Student Handbook: Academic Programs and Policies

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    Undergraduate Catalog

    Students should refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for a comprehensive list of IUP’s official policies and academic requirements.

    Academic Calendar

    The official academic calendar may be found on the Registrar’s website.

    Academic Integrity

    Any issues occurring within a classroom, class-related activity, or class-related function fall within the Academic Integrity Policy and are referred to the Provost’s Office. Issues that are non-class related are referred to the Judicial Board. The Academic Integrity Policy provides a meaningful process to address various levels of student conduct that impact the academic process and ensures the students receive due process for more serious cases of academic violations.

    Academic Resources

    Accompanying Policies

    Students should see their applied teacher for a list of accompanists for hire.

    MUSC 137 Accompanying Procedures (PDF) 

    General Accompanying Guidelines (PDF) 


    Students will be assigned an academic advisor within the Department of Music once admitted into a music degree program. Most students’ academic advisor will be their applied music teacher. Students should schedule a meeting with their advisor prior to their registration date, which may be found on MyIUP.

    Capstone Jury

    Students should register for APMU 427 Capstone Jury: Primary Instrument in the final semester of applied lessons on their primary instrument. Students taking lessons on a secondary instrument should register for APMU 227 Capstone Jury: Secondary Instrument in the final (usually fourth) semester of applied lessons.

    Change of Major

    Students who wish to change their major may do so though MyIUP.

    Course Exemption Policy

    In some instances (e.g., AP credit), students may be exempted from a course. Appropriate documentation should be obtained by the student either via transcript or in writing from the chair of the area in which the course is offered. Documentation should be provided to the student’s academic advisor.

    Degree Checklists and Sequences

    D/F Repeats

    Undergraduate students are permitted to replace the grades and quality points in the GPA calculation for courses in which they receive a D or F grade by repeating that course at IUP. No more than six repeat-with-replacement attempts are permitted for undergraduate students. A single course can be repeated a maximum of two times. Dean’s permission is required for a student to register for a third graded attempt of the same course or for a course for which a student has previously received an exemption. The most recent grade (regardless of whether it is higher or lower) will be the grade used in the GPA calculation. However, the transcript continues to document all academic work, and repeated courses are not deleted from the visual record.

    Duplicate Courses

    Students may not repeat courses in which they have received a passing grade without Dean’s approval. Exceptions to this include ensembles.


    The following forms can be found in the music office:

    Dual Baccalaureate

    Individual Instruction

    Independent Study


    Course Override

    For students who need an override due to a closed section, pre- or co-requisites, or other course restrictions

    Course Conflict

    For students who are taking multiple courses with the same prefix and number (i.e. 120).

    Time Conflict

    For students attempting to take classes that occur at the same time.

    Zero-Credit Ensemble Override

    Students who have a course load of 15 credits may register for zero-credit ensembles for any ensemble taken above 15 credits.

    Graduation Application

    Undergraduate students (including associate degree and dual baccalaureate degree students) are required to apply for graduation in their next to final semester of enrollment. Students should refer to this page by the Office of the Registrar to determine the due date for application.

    Liberal Studies Requirements

    Courses which meet the Liberal Studies requirements as outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog may be found at this link on the Liberal Studies website.

    MUSC 475

    Music majors must register for MUSC 475 and attend four departmental meetings and eight campus performances such as recitals, concerts, art exhibits, and theater productions each semester as required by the degree program. Students enrolled in MUSC 475 can find policies on D2L and in course syllabus.  See “events” or “Calendar” for list of approved recital credit events

    Music Education Clearances and Three Step Process

    Full information about the IUP Educator Preparation process can be found on LiveText.

    Piano Proficiency

    Piano proficiency is required in all degree programs. All instrumental students (with the exception of all keyboard majors) in BA, BFA, or BSEd as well as voice majors in BA and BFA and are required to complete APMU 126 in order to show piano proficiency. Voice majors in BSEd and organ majors are required to complete APMU 127 in order to show piano proficiency.


    Undergraduate students who have withdrawn from the university or were not enrolled during at least one of the two previous regular academic semesters, must complete an Application for Reenrollment. More information may be found with the IUP Registrar.


    Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music Performance) students are required to give a half recital in their junior year and a full recital in their senior year.  Please check with your applied teacher and applied syllabus for specific requirements and jury information. 

    Theory Placement

    Prospective students are required to complete a theory placement exam. Those who score below 70 percent on the exam must take MUSC 113 concurrently with MUSC 115. Students may attempt the placement exam twice.

    Transfer Coursework

    Students who intend to take courses at another institution may apply for pre-approval according to the information found on the Office of Admissions website.

    Undergraduate Application for Graduate Coursework

    Undergraduate students who wish to take a graduate-level course may apply using the “Undergraduate Application for Graduate Coursework” from found on the School of Graduate Studies Research page of Resources for Current Students