Campus Events and Student Life

  • This page will be updated soon with spring 2021 information.

    Students with masks in the Oak GroveCollege is about more than classes and exams. At IUP, there are many ways to wind down when you need to, but how that will happen will change. Here’s information about athletics, concerts and performances, admissions events, and more.

    General Guidelines for Noninstructional Events

    All face-to-face gatherings should be limited to essential gatherings only, when possible.

    Students and employees are encouraged to use virtual meeting tools, including the phone and videoconferencing (Zoom), in lieu of in-person meetings, whenever possible.

    Facilities will identify areas and space for impromptu and planned social gatherings to help the campus community self-regulate.

    Essential, face-to-face, non-instructional gatherings must follow up-to-date Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state, and State System social-distancing and group-gathering guidelines:

    • No more than 25 people in attendance at a non-instructional event is highly recommended.
    • By order of the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health for Mitigation and Enforcement, certain venues at IUP are permitted to allow up to 10 percent of their maximum capacity. This amendment also mandates observance of the six-foot social distancing requirements, compliance of the mask/face covering requirement, and implementation of best practices such as timed entry, multiple entry and exit points, multiple restrooms, and hygiene stations.
    • Masks are required to be worn by all employees, students, and visitors indoor and outdoor.
    • Social distancing (maintaining a minimum of six feet between you and others) is encouraged, whenever possible, and required when a mask cannot be worn.

    For Event/Meeting Organizers

    Event/meeting organizers must do the following:

    • Remain aware of local and state regulatory agency policies related to group gatherings to determine if events can be held.
    • Reserve space for events and non-instructional meetings by visiting the Campus Space and Reservations page.
    • If the request for reserving space is approved, submit work orders for needs such as table setup, tear-down, or sound or to enable appropriate pre-event preparation and post-event cleanup. Event organizers should request personal protective equipment for event attendees via IUP’s central reservation system.
    • Publicize safety requirements, such as the need to wear masks or to keep a safe distance from one another, and provide clear instruction to visitors as they arrive on site about how these things will be provided or accomplished.
    • Make hand sanitizer, face coverings, and no-touch trash cans available.
    • Post approved signage from IUP’s Marketing and Communications Division to promote protective measures. Request signage through
    • Take responsibility for any voluntary provision of safety kits or other handouts/giveaways to attendees. Safety kits can be ordered through IUP’s central reservation system.
    • Work with Aramark to determine options for food-service delivery, if needed, in compliance with dining guidelines. Buffet service is not permitted.
    • Record registration and attendance, including contact information. This will allow for notification of pertinent event information (such as safety requirements, rescheduling, and cancellation) and for contact tracing, if needed.

    Major Campus Events

    We will make decisions about major campus/university events as we get additional information from national and state officials about gatherings. Programming will continue to be offered with an increased virtual presence or option and reduced face-to-face performances/events.

    All campus events should be held in accordance with university, state, and health department guidance for group gatherings, social distancing, capacities, cleaning, and available protective equipment and use of face coverings.

    Based on current conditions and guidelines, event organizers will continually assess whether an event can proceed safely.

    Admissions Events


    All daily tours are suspended, but virtual events are available. We follow up-to-date CDC, state, and State System social distancing and group gathering guidelines for the safety of all visitors, faculty, staff, current students, and the Indiana community as we plan visit options.

    You can always call the Office of Admissions to ask questions. We don’t want this situation to keep you from getting all the information you need to make your decision.

    If you are coming to IUP from high school or transferring from another college, call 724-357-2230 or email

    If you are a candidate for graduate admission, call 724-357-2222 or email


    If you’re interested in visiting the IUP Academy of Culinary Arts, call 800-438-6424  or email


    December 2020 and January 2021 graduates will be honored in a virtual ceremony on December 12.

    IUP Athletics

    Following a decision from the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference, all mandated conference athletic regular-season events and championships are suspended for winter sports.

    Student Activities

    The Student Cooperative Association will operate the Hadley Union Building and other Co-op facilities, such as the HUB Fitness Center and gymnasium, Co-op Recreational Park, and HUB meeting rooms, with modified hours and adjustments made according to the needs of the campus and in accordance with all university, state, and health department guidance.

    STATIC will adhere to all university, state, and health department/CDC guidance regarding events.