Arpaia to Deliver Paper in Australia

Posted on 11/8/2010 3:19:08 PM

Dr. Paul Arpaia, Department of History, will give a paper on Fascist memoirs at an international conference in Australia titled “War Stories: The War Memoir in History and Literature” from November 22–24, 2010.

Using versions of edited and unedited Fascist diaries and memoirs, he will explore the appropriateness of the term “Fascist war memoir” as an explanatory tool to illustrate a particular narrative desire within national and comparative contexts. He will analyze the role memoirs and memory play in the (re)creation of Fascist and post-Fascist identities. And, he will consider methodological issues relating to war memoirs as both literary and historical genres.

Arpaia has incorporated the topics of memoirs, memory, and Fascism that he will discuss at this conference in a senior seminar course this semester in the History Department on the mediation of the memory of Fascism in Germany, Italy, France, and Spain through film.

In addition to presenting his paper at the conference, Arpaia has been asked to chair a session on Memoirs and National Identities. The conference is sponsored by the Australia Research Council and the Humanities Research Institute at the University of Newcastle, Australia.