“Our Pointe” Call For Submissions

Posted on 11/18/2010 2:08:50 PM

Please consider submitting a piece of your writing from either in class or out of class to the Northpointe campus publication, Our Pointe.

Each semester, the English Department at Northpointe publishes a collection of work to celebrate the writing talents of members of our campus. We will accept all types of writing. Past submissions include essays, short stories, poetry, song lyrics, and letters. We try to make this as varied and inclusive as possible.

If you are considering submitting a piece, but are unsure about the genre or content, contact Professor Getchell at k.m.getchell@iup.edu.

We're also looking for artwork for our cover. If you like to draw and are interested in helping with the design, also contact Professor Getchell.

Copies of the published work will be available to all students during the last week of class.

Send submissions and questions to Professor Getchell at k.m.getchell@iup.edu.

Submissions due: Tuesday, November 30, 2010

IUP at Northpointe