Increase in Minimum Expenditure Threshold for Purchase Requisitions

Posted on 12/8/2010 9:39:16 AM

Currently, most purchases for material/merchandise which would be ordered on one requisition totaling $300 or less must be made using an IUP Purchasing Card. Effective January 3, 2011, the threshold is being raised to $500.

As before, exceptions to this rule are purchases of gifts, licensed software, live animals, nuclear materials, alcohol, tobacco products, controlled substances, weapons and ammunition, construction and renovation, or advertising; these items must still be purchased through Procurement Services using SAP Purchase Requisitions. All purchases of services must still be made through Procurement Services using SAP Purchase Requisitions. Please see the Purchasing Card Policy available on the Purchasing Card website for complete details of card use restrictions.

If you do not have a Purchasing Card, you may obtain one by completing a Purchasing Card Enrollment Form and submitting the completed form to Lora Lee Bertig, Clark Hall, Room B-31. The Purchasing Card website will provide you with a link to the enrollment form plus links to other purchasing card information. Purchasing Cards are issued to individuals, not to departments.

Once your completed application is submitted to Lora Lee, it will take two to three weeks for us to obtain your card from the Purchasing Card Carrier. Your card will be issued to you upon your completion of a Purchasing Card Training Session (about one and a half hours). These sessions will be offered at various times over the next few weeks. A schedule of available times/locations and registration instructions will be distributed in the near future.

If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact Lora Lee Bertig ( at 724-357-7701, Chris Patterson ( at 724-357-5567, or Ruth Houser ( at 724-357-6242.

Additionally, please remember that you can purchase a wide variety of products through the PASSHE Office Max System without a Purchasing Card or an SAP Purchase Requisition. The link on how to obtain a log-in ID to the Office Max System is available on the Financial Operations website.