Web Summit Wrapup for January 2011: Switching Ektron Editors

Posted on 1/27/2011 1:03:23 PM

For anyone who missed the January 19, 2011, Web Maintainers’ Summit, the following is a summary of what was presented.

The next summit will take place Wednesday, February 16, from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. in Delaney Hall, Room G5.

Ektron Editor Change: The Switch to Content Designer

Within the next few weeks, the default editor in Ektron will switch from eWebEditPro to Content Designer. The switch is necessary for editing content on computers with Windows 7 and to allow for future upgrades of Ektron.

Mike Powers, director of Web Services, gave an overview of differences web maintainers will notice once the switch is made—including changes in the application of styles and in some toolbar options. With the new editor, maintainers will be able to work from any computer and in any browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) without having to install any software.

Before Content Designer becomes the default editor, the Web Team will make available a switcher’s guide that explains the major differences.

Golden Mouse Award Winners: Hilliary Creely, Jean Serio, Paula Stossel

Sharing the Golden Mouse Award as Web Maintainers of the Month for January 2011 are, from left, Hilliary Creely, Jean Serio, and Paula Stossel.

Following a redesign of the Research website completed earlier in the winter, the Research team of Hilliary Creely, Jean Serio, and Paula Stossel shared the Golden Mouse Award for January 2011 as Web Maintainers of the Month.

Major goals of the redesign were to make research a larger part of IUP’s identity, better connect the public to IUP’s research expertise, and help faculty members find the information they need to conduct funded research.

The team’s work on the redesign started in the summer with identification of the site’s goals, audiences, and tasks; completion of a competitive analysis of other research sites; review of the existing site’s content inventory; and creation of user personas for the Research website.

The new site highlights IUP’s centers and institutes and faculty research expertise as important resources for external audiences. Specific research projects are highlighted in Research Profiles, a section that will grow over time.

For faculty and student researchers, the key section is Resources for Researchers, which brings together all of IUP’s online research resources into a single place. The new arrangement of these resources is based on research done with faculty and staff members.

In late November, Research was promoted to one of the seven top-level sections of the IUP website. So far, analytics suggest that the redesign is paying off, with an increase in traffic ranging from 763 percent to 1,079 percent, depending on the comparison period.

Congratulations to the Research team!

CMS Tip: Redisplaying Content from Another Unit Site

There may be times when web maintainers want information from another IUP office or department to show on their unit website as well. This could be a description of a class, an office’s policies, or maybe a job description for their area. Bruce Dries, web editor, discussed options for redisplaying content from another site on the CMS.

While a web maintainer’s first thought may be to copy and paste the text into a new page on his or her website, duplicating another IUP webpage should be avoided. If the original page is updated, the web maintainer may not be aware of it, and then his or her website will have conflicting and possibly incorrect information.

The preferred option is to have a link to the actual page where the content is, such as a job description on the Human Resources website. But, if web maintainers need to show content from another unit website on their site as well, they should contact the Web Team at web-team@iup.edu to have this set up.

Dries also reviewed using “sticky news” to redisplay a news item from another site on the CMS. See How to Work with Sticky News.

Editorial Calendar for January

See the Editorial Calendar for January 2011 on the Web Team website. The Editorial Calendar, which shows events coming up within the next month, is intended to get web maintainers thinking about how their events can be better promoted on the website and whether they need Web Team assistance to do so.

This month’s calendar was discussed by Elaine Smith, web editor, who mentioned that among the highlights were a number of events recognizing Martin Luther King, Jr., in January, and Black History Month in February. A roundup of these events was posted in a news item included on many high-traffic pages, including the IUP home page. This type of coordination results in better promotion of individual events, and web maintainers were encouraged to place appropriate events on the Central Calendar to aid this process. See How to Add an Event to the Calendar.