Kincade Authors Text on History and Skills of Feminist Therapy and Counseling

Posted on 3/21/2011 10:20:37 AM

Dr. Elizabeth Kincade, of the IUP Counseling Center, and two colleagues have authored An Introduction to Feminist Therapy: A Social and Individual Change Model.

The text focuses on specific feminist therapy skills as well as the history and philosophy of feminist therapy and counseling.

Previous feminist therapy texts focused on theory and philosophy and presented feminist therapy as primarily for women. This text presents clearly identified skills in feminist therapy and advocates feminist therapy as a treatment of choice for all genders.

The book is published by Sage publications. In keeping with the principles of feminist therapy, all authors equally contributed to the text.

Drs. Susan Seem (SUNY Brockport) and Kathy Evans (University of So. Carolina) are the other authors.