Helpful Hints for Submitting Food and Refreshment Requests

Posted on 4/20/2011 1:51:55 PM

Here are a few hints for submitting food/refreshment requests that will help your request to be processed as quickly as possible:

  • Please review Section K of the Expenditures of Public Funds Guidelines before submitting your food/refreshment requests to ensure your event is in compliance.
  • Financial manager approval is required on all food/refreshment requests. When submitting requests in electronic form, please either sign the request with an electronic signature or e-mail the request from the financial manager’s e-mail account.
  • Please indicate in the “Service Requested” section of the food/refreshment request form whether the request is for meal tickets or a catered event, and provide the number of attendees in the appropriate field (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Refreshments).
  • For all catered events, please include a quote from Crimson Catering.
  • Please submit all requests to, or fax to 724-357-3026. Submitting to an individual address may delay processing of your request.
  • Use the Food/Refreshment Request for Non-IUP Funded Events form to request meal tickets being purchased with Non-IUP funds. Such requests should still be sent to
  • There is no form for requesting non-IUP-funded catered events. For such events, you should directly contact Crimson Catering.

All forms and detailed procedures are available at Accounts Payable.

Completing, saving, and submitting your request in electronic form as an e-mail attachment is the preferred method, and will result in the timeliest response to your request.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ruth Houser ( or Chris Patterson (

Office of Financial Operations