Anthropology Faculty and Students Present Papers to Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology

Posted on 5/9/2011 8:47:04 AM

Sarah Neusius and Beverly Chiarulli, faculty members from the Department of Anthropology, and graduate students Seth Mitchell, Callista Holmes, Andrea Boone, David Kroskie, Jonathan Libbon, and Jason Espino presented papers on their research at the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology annual meeting in Morgantown, Pa., April 8–10, 2011.

Neusius and Chiarulli presented a paper titled “Results of the 2010 Investigations at the Johnston Site.”

Graduate student presentations included

  • Jason Espino: “Natural Gas Exploitation, Marcellus Shale, and Archaeological Resources: Threats to the Archaeological Heritage of Pennsylvania”
  • Callista Holmes, Andrea Boon, and David J. Kroskie: “Faunal Analysis of the Hatfield Site (36WH678)”
  • Seth T. Mitchell: “New Insights into the Johnston Phase: Ceramic Style at the Johnston Site”
  • Jonathan R. Libbon: “We Had Everything But Money: A Study of Buying Strategies at a Civilian Corps Camp in the Allegheny National Forest”

The Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology is the largest statewide organization in Pennsylvania. Its membership includes both professional and avocational archaeologists. This was the eighty-second annual meeting of the society.