What’s Happening on Launch Day (January 31)

Posted on 1/22/2008 1:48:02 PM

January 31: New Site LaunchesWe are on track to launch the new www.iup.edu on January 31. In response to some questions we’ve had, we wanted to give you a rundown of what exactly is going to happen that day.

Launch Day

On Launch Day, what you currently see on the preview site will be available at www.iup.edu, where the old “blue and yellow” website currently resides. This includes all the “upper structure” pages (Admissions, Academics, Student Life, etc.) as well as the unit sites. The Web Team is currently working to make sure that all of the upper structure pages are ready for launch.

If Your Site Is Ready

Congratulations! On January 31, visitors looking for you on our website will be directed to your new site, and you can stop maintaining the old site, which we will take down. You’ll still be able to get to your  old content as you do now (for instance, via your W: drive or via FTP); it just won’t be available on the web.

If You Are Still Working on Your New Site

If you are still working, please be aware that your old site is not going away on January 31.

Presuming that you’ve requested a CMS site, your new home page will have a link from your new site to your old site. When your new site is ready, we’ll remove the link and you’ll be in business. During the transition your old site will still be available at old.www.iup.edu.

The deadline for getting your site moved to the CMS is May 17, one week after Commencement. Until that date, we will keep the old blue and yellow server running at old.www.iup.edu. After that date, you’ll still be able to access your old content as you do now (for instance, via your W: drive or via FTP), but your old content will no longer be available on the web.

Note that the new website, including the search engine, is going to consider your new home page to be your primary home page. So if a website visitor uses the search box to find your site, he or she will be directed to your CMS site, not your old site. It is likely that Google, Yahoo!, and other external search engines will do the same. This arrangement is necessary to make sure we don’t end up with lots of broken links to the old server when we take it down in May.

If You Haven’t Requested a Site

Any site that has not moved to the CMS by May 17 will disappear from our website on that day. If that’s okay by you, you don’t need to do anything. But if you want your website to continue, please request a new site as soon as possible.

(If you aren’t sure if you’ve requested a site, check our A to Z Index, which was up to date with all site requests at the time this message was posted.)