Ford Publishes Books on Maritime Archaeology and Landscapes

Posted on 7/24/2011 5:08:17 PM

Anthropology faculty member Dr. Ben Ford recently published two edited books: The Oxford Handbook of Maritime Archaeology (with Alexis Catsambis and Donny Hamilton) and The Archaeology of Maritime Landscapes.

The Oxford Handbook of Maritime Archaeology, published by Oxford University Press, provides a comprehensive survey of the field through forty-eight original essays. It offers a review of best practices and the latest methodologies as the field of maritime archaeology enters its fifth decade.

In addition to editing the book with Alexis Catsambis (Naval History and Heritage Command) and Donny Hamilton (Texas A&M University), Ford contributed a chapter on coastal archaeology. This chapter synthesizes current archaeological work along the margins of the Earth’s oceans and lakes and argues that coastal archaeology forms a link between the established fields of maritime and terrestrial archaeology.

The Archaeology of Maritime Landscapes is part of the Society for Historical Archaeology and the Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology series “When the Land Meets the Sea,” published by Springer.

This volume contains nineteen chapters discussing past human interactions with maritime landscapes at regional and local scales. The chapters range from the U.S. to Australia, and cover periods from approximately 14,000 years ago to the recent past.

In addition to editing the book, Ford contributed the introduction and a chapter on the cognitive maritime landscape of Lake Ontario. The introduction defines “maritime cultural landscape” and places the study of these landscapes within the larger field of archaeology. Ford’s chapter on Lake Ontario discusses how the perception of the lake and its margins were affected by culture and changed through time.