IUP Archaeologists Use GPR to Survey Cemetery

Posted on 9/17/2011 1:53:44 PM

Dr. Beverly Chiarulli, Department of Anthropology, and graduate students, Meghan Pace, Lydia Dehaven, Seth Van Dam, and Marion Smeltzer assisted the Rumbarger Cemetery preservation effort by conducting a ground penetrating radar survey of part of the cemetery on September 16, 2011.

The Rumbarger Cemetery in Dubois was founded in 1870. Originally privately owned, it had fallen into disrepair until a local preservation organization, the Rumbarger Cemetery Preservation Society, formed to try to improve and maintain the cemetery. As part of their efforts, Dr. Chiarulli was contacted and asked to conduct a survey of the entire cemetery covering some seven acres.

As a start, she and graduate students from the M.A. in Applied Archaeology program investigated part of the cemetery to determine if GPR would identify unmarked graves. Their efforts are shown in a video news story by Brittany Boyer of WJAC-TV.